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Slay Queen Injects Liquid Into Herself For ‘Proper Body’ As She Molds Herself (VIDEO)

I have seen very weird stuff since I started blogging. And when I say weird, I mean really weird stuff but this is on top of the list right now.

A viral video that is available to us captures the exact moment a young lady is seen molding herself.

Slay Queen Injects Liquid Molds Body
Slay Queen Injects Liquid Into Herself For ‘Proper’ Body Enhancement As She Mold Herself (VIDEO)

Yes, she molded her body to look good, perhaps, she is not happy with what God gave her that she has taken matters into her own hands to enhance it.

Most people do visit professionals to do this kind of thing. When we come to Ghana, names like Moesha Boduong can be associated with this type of body enhancement.

Even without talking of the contaminations, this young lady further revealed that she is tired and yet still had to continue.

She injects an unknown liquid into her body as she molds part of it to look ‘good’ to her eyes.

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