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“Sleeping With Men Can Never Make You Rich”, Moesha Boduong Says After Meeting Christ

Heaven is certainly rejoicing over Ghanaian TV presenter, actress and model Moesha Boduong after she met Christ and is in the repentance mode, the very next thing after tje salvation of a soul. Moesha Boduong is now retracing her steps, apologising and showing that truly, her old self is dead and buried.

In a video which has now gone viral, the curvy TV personality has apologised to every lady following her lifestyle and has been led astray by her former ideologies and principles. Moesha Boduong, who just last month, insisted she can not date a man without a car, has now said sleeping with different men cannot make ladies rich.Sleeping With Men Can Never Make You Rich - Moesha Boduong Says After Meeting Christ

A few weeks ago, Moesha Buduong announced her repentance in a trending social media video as she shared her testimony in a Church for her new life. She has also deleted all of her skimpy photos from her Instagram page and is now preaching against her old life. She disclosed that she was smoking weed and also used hard drugs.

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Now going by the name Maurecia Babiinoti Boduong, Ms Boudoung said, “so all these girls that looked at my lifestyle and wanted to be like me, it’s not easy at all. Some of these girls go and they die because of the wrong men they sleep with. All these men do is to take our glory and give us peanuts. All the monies they give to us are things that if we work and know God, we can make that money”, she said.

Sleeping With Men Can Never Make You Rich - Moesha Boduong Says After Meeting Christ
Moesha Boduong with the curves
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