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“Some Nigerians Are Living Like Prisoners Here In Europe, Please Don’t Come”- Nigerian Migrant



“Some Nigerians Are Living Like Prisoners Here In Europe, Please Don’t Come”- Nigerian Migrant

According to a report , a Nigerian who is currently living in Germany has advised Nigerians who are planning to relocate abroad to dump the idea and invest their hard earned money in the country instead of leaving. This man identified himself as Mr. Forlan and he revealed what Nigerians in Europe are currently facing.

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Forlan sent a warning to Nigerians who are struggling to leave Nigeria, adding that Germany and the rest of other European countries are not heaven. He explained that there are many Nigerian migrants who are living like prisoners in Europe due to the policies that make it hard for migrants to enjoy their time there. He also said that potential migrants should use the money they have gathered for the sole purpose of leaving Nigeria to invest in any business in Nigeria.

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Forlan made it clear that Nigeria is blessed with resources that can compete with any country in Europe but the problem is the mismanagement of these resources. He also revealed that Migrants in Europe don’t have a social life, the whites don’t mingle nor talk with them, they don’t attend social gatherings, they always stay indoors and they would have to work extremely hard to pay up their bills.

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He asked Nigerians to stay back home and invest because migrants there in Europe only get crumbs of opportunities that is well available to the whites. He also lamented about the bills they are paying, adding that they pay bills for almost everything they use and even the taxes is enough to frustrate the life of a migrant. In his words;

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“I would advise that the N500k for processing your travel papers, invest it into any business that would bring returns in Nigeria. Taxes can kill a person here.”

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