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Spiritual wives and husbands is one of the reasons for marriages and relationships breakups— Isreal DMW

Marriage they say is not an easy venture and though it is an institution ordained and established by God.

As man and woman will leave their family to become one and start a family whilst they take care of each other till death do them part, not everyone is able to stay in marriage to see that latter happen as they part ways themselves due to irreconcilable differences.

However, Isreal DMW, the Logistics Manager for internationally celebrated Nigerian singer and songwriter, Davido has revealed the reason for some marriage and relationship breakups.

Taking to his Instagram page, Isreal DMW shared an interesting insight into what could be responsible for a lot of collapses in marriage and according to him, spiritual husbands and wives are one of the reasons for this problem.

Isreal DMW urged fans who are married and about to get to marry to find out if they fall victims and settle that first.

See his post below;

His assertion has stirred mixed reactions from Instagram users but many concurred in his submission. This is what some had to say.


This particular thing is real if you are not there you won’t understand, don’t let internet fool you, settle it before going into any marriage

@iam_queenly wrote;

If you don’t believe in this things, you need deliverance!! Preach sir. !!!

@hrm_prettychinwe wrote;

They ain’t ready for this conversation, but trust me his saying the truth.

@malikdeking wrote;

I really hate it when people sit in their own ‘lil’ corner of the world and make General statements about the rest of Humanity.

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