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Strangers to Neighbours & then Lovers! Princess & John’s Pre-wedding Shoot + Love Story



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Love truly finds its own in the most unexpected places.  John was the first person Princess met after moving into town. They went from absolute strangers to neighbours and then John stepping out of his front porch every time Princess was returning from work to drop a few jokes. Fast forward to one date together, the rest is history.

Their pre-wedding shoot really captured hem in their different characters. They went from the slaying couple to the fun, chilled and goofy couple in no time.

How We Met
By the bride, Princess

There are three people you should never get entangled with, your colleague, your church member and your neighbour” they said. But no! I get coconut head, I no dey hear word🤣. Jay was coincidentally the first person I met when I moved into town. He was an absolute delight that first day, he was very chatty and tried to make me feel really special. In my head, I thought this dude must definitely feeling me.

Imagine my dismay when all of the ‘special treatment’ didn’t continue. After a few months, I noticed he would randomly just appear by his front porch each time he sees me coming home from work and would always say something cheesy that would make me laugh. In one of those conversations, he chipped in that even if I was engaged he would still steal me from whomever (I’m sure he didn’t even mean it at the time!). In no time I started looking forward to seeing him at the end of each workday and would get really disappointed on days I don’t see him. He finally asked me on a date and the rest they say is history. I gave him my heart, collected it back a few times 🤣, returned it again.

Our Proposal Story
By the bride, Princess

He planned with a friend of his to invite me to his wife’s birthday soirée. On the said date I got dressed up and was waiting for him to come to pick me up only for him to call to say he got a distress call from his mom and wouldn’t be able to come but his brother would come to get me. I was pleasantly surprised when I walked into a room filled with some of our favourite people (friends and family) and just right by the corner, I saw my Prince Charming kneeling with a ring, there and then I knew no other person could even come close to how much he means to me. He takes butterflies and everything in between to a whole new level. The best love stories are the ones you don’t see coming. Ours took us by surprise and swept us right off our feet.


: @elithan_events
Stylist: @style_by_ruvero
Makeup & Hair: @solangehairandbeauty
Dress: @phronesia_by_ugo
Accessories: @tavinbeads
Photography: @lexisweddings

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