[Music] EM Jhae – ‘Aunty Dorathy’

“Straight out of the Garden City of Port Harcourt comes a new gbedu for the festivities, from a fast raising afro fusion artist named EM Jhae. His single “Aunty Dorathy” draws inspiration from the Big Brother Naija 2020 housemate Dorathy Bachor.

The song comes with a mix of Wizkid afro dancehall vibe and King perryy’s continental sound. Guaranteed 100% party vibe for your playlist. If you a fan of Dorathy, you’re going love this jam. Produced by Ransom Beatz, Mixed & Mastered by B2ice.”

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#BBNaija: Ozo, Dorathy, Trickytee and Laycon are up for eviction

Ozo, Dorathy, Trickytee and Laycon are now the housemates up for eviction in the 9th week of Big Brother Naija reality show. 

The four were put up for possible eviction after the housemates were divided into two groups, excluding Nengi who won the arena games and became head of house.

With the nomination, Nengi, Vee and Neo now have a spot in the finale of the reality show. 

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BBNaija 2020: What I wish I did with Brighto – Dorathy

Big Brother Naija, BBNaija housemate Dorathy has expressed regrets over Brighto’s eviction.

Brighto was evicted alongside Tolanibaj and Wathoni on Sunday after they scored lowest votes from the viewers.

When asked how she felt about his eviction, Dorathy said she regrets not having personal conversations with Brighto before he got evicted.

“I wish I had more conversation with Brighto

“I wish we spoke personally and I didn’t just walk past him most times.”

GISTSBAZE recalls that Dorathy had told Wathoni that she has no true feelings for Brighto but just lust.

She gave way for Wathoni to be with Brighto because she valued their friendship more.

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#BBnaija: Check Out Dorathy’s Reaction As Brighto Kisses Wathoni Infront Of Her (Video)

Recall Wathoni and Dorathy had once set a trap for Brighto, wanting to know if truly he wanted any of them or if he was only using both to catch cruise as he had been caught inviting the both of them to his bed at different intervals but on the same day.

Unfortunately their plan didn’t work out as Brighto through Tolanibaj, discovered their plan.

Well, it is now finally obvious whom Brighto wants.

Dorathy in her recent Diary session revealed to Biggy that the presence of Brighto was distracting her due to her feelings for him, so you can imagine how she must have felt watching Brighto kiss Wathoni in her presence.

The housemates conducted a truth or Dare game last night and in one of the rounds, Wathoni was dared to kiss a guy for 20 seconds, she chose Brighto.

Wathoni wrapped her arms around Brighto’s neck and kissed him passionately who in turn reciprocated.

At that moment, the camera shifted to Dorathy to capture her expression, and from her expression, it was clear that she was bothered.

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BBNaija 2020: Angry Erica Warns Kiddwaya Not To Ever Try What He Did To Dorathy’s Boobs In The Saturday Night Party Again

Big Brother Naija, BBNaija housemate, Erica on Saturday night flared up after Kiddwaya touched Dorathy’s breast.

Kiddwaya, during the Saturday night party, placed his mouth on Dorathy’s breast as they were dancing.

This got Erica angry and she confronted Kiddwaya after the party.

She warned him not to ever pull such stunt again.

“Don’t pull the stunt again. Don’t drink of any girl’s boobs again. I saw what you did with Dorathy.”

Though the relationship between both housemates seems to have gone sour, Erica and Kiddwaya kissed during Saturday’s night party.

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#BBNaija: Laycon massages Dorathy’s behind (video)

Last night in the Big Brother Naija lockdown house, Laycon was captured on camera grabbing and massaging Dorathy’s buttocks.

Housemates always engage in different ‘truth or dare’ games to keep the Lockdown house lively.

During the games, housemates take turns to pick papers containing instructions which they carry out without objections.

Laycon was instructed to pick a girl among the seven ladies left in the house and ‘press her bum bum for 30 seconds’.

He snubbed Erica, his love interest, opted for Dorathy and was seen massaging her buttocks.

The ‘truth or dare’ game, which was introduced to the Lockdown house by Trickytee is seen by many as one of the ills of the reality show. This is because during this game, housemates engage in different sexual activities.

Video below;

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Brighto is my biggest distraction – Dorathy opens up to Big Brother

Big Brother Naija housemate, Dorathy Bachor has opened up to Big Brother about the housemate who has been a big distraction to her.

This housemate is no other than Brighto, a.k.a Lord Baelish. She asked Biggie to advice her about her situation because of Brighto’s distracting powers over her.

Brighto however seems to be caught in between two really pretty women who fancy him at the same time.

Wathoni recently opened up about how she feels for Brighto and her friends, Tolanibaj and Vee already advised her to mark her territory because Wathoni already held suspicions that Dorathy might have a thing for Brighto.

Unfortunately, Brighto has already stated that he is not interested in having any relationship in the house.

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#BBNaija: Dorathy Captured Romancing Laycon As They Were Seen In The Same Bed (Video)

Big Brother Naija housemate, Dorathy seems to be feeling the vibe of fellow housemate, Laycon as she was captured in the same bed with him.

She didn’t only sleep on the same bed with him, she went on to play with his hair romantically which fans of the reality TV show questioned.

This was the first time both housemates have been captured in the same bed ever since they got to the house and viewers were surprised to see how Dorathy asked Laycon not to leave when he tried leaving her bed.

Watch the video below.

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“My feeling For Brighto are Getting Stronger” Dorathy Shares with Lucy

As the house continues to get interesting, we have seen Nengi and Ozo have some interest, while Erica, Kiddwaya and Laycon in a triangle. Now Dorathy and Brighto might be the latest.

Recall Dorathy few days back had told Brighto that she wanted him to kiss her but he didn’t take her serious because he felt she was drunk. She went on to add that she meant her words and still mean it.

It is clear now that Dorathy is willing and ready to let Ozo go and is prepared to Welcome Brighto if he looks her way.

In a conversation with fellow housemate, Lucy, the 24 year old revealed that what she is feeling for Brighto is gradually increasing as each day passes.

Although Brighto has yet to reciprocate this feeling in any sort but Dorathy says she still hope to see if he does and where it might lead to.

Watch the video below

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BBNaija: Viral video of Laycon and Dorathy in same bed as Dorathy B00bs are put on Display

BBNaija housemate Dorathy on Tuesday night shared the bed with Laycon. This is the first time both housemates will spend the night on the same bed.

In a video making the rounds on social media, Dorathy was seen touching Laycon’s hair and asked him not to leave when he made attempt to.

This has stirred reactions from BBNaija viewers wondering what both housemates may have been up to lastnight.

Accoridng to some opinions on Twitter, Dorathy has ‘Konji’, reason she slept on same bed with Laycon.

Laycon has been rejected by his love interest Erica and has since been trying to move on.

This could be a way of him trying to move on and get closer to other female housemates.

Watch the video below

Here are some comments gathered from Twitter:

@Tosyn777 “ Dora should not disvirgin my Laycon that doesn’t know anything oh.”

@Timispicy “I like this tho! I don’t mind oh! For laycon and Dorathy! I think they are good together tho! E be things!

@Aduke “ Just seeing this, what does Dorathy want ke ? Dorathy abeg no let devil use you oh.”

@MarkOche3 “After 6 weeks, konji things is real.”

@Maryayor “ My two favorites. Go for it girl. That’s if Laycon is interested.”

OlisaOsega “Dorathy and Laycon are beginning to get too close. They now even share the same bed. Another ship loading? Or was it just because of yesterday’s task brought them together?Anyways, both of them might reach the final, so I’m here for it all.”

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#BBNaija: Dorathy Huge B00bs Captured without Cloth while Sleeping last night.

BBNaija housemate Dorathy on Tuesday night shared the bed with Laycon. This is the first time both housemates will spend the night on the same bed.

In a video making the rounds on social media, Dorathy B00bs has been captured while she was asleep last night.

This has stirred reactions from BBNaija viewers wondering How her B00bs was managed to show off like that.

See the video below:

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BBNaija: The Moment Dorathy Dragged Laycon To Lay With Her In Brighto’s Bed (Video)

Shortly after her conversation with Wathoni, Dorathy dragged Laycon to lay with her in Brighto’s bed for the night.

This was a plan by the ladies after their chat made them realize that Brighto has been playing with their feelings all this while.

A night ago, he invited both of them at separate times to warm his bed.

The plan was for Dorathy to lay in bed with him for 15 minutes to learn his thoughts and reactions after which Wathoni would also do same.

Watch video below;
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#BBNaija: Dorathy speaks on feelings for Brighto, confronts Wathoni

Big Brother Naija housemate, Dorathy Bachor on Saturday night cleared the air on her feelings for fellow housemate, Brighto.

Recall that Brighto earlier opened up to Dorathy that he has feelings for her.

However, lately, Wathoni seems to have interest in him as they have spent the past two nights on the same bed.

Dorathy took a bold step to confront Wathoni on Saturday night about her true feelings towards Brighton.

According to Dorathy, she does not have true feelings for him but ‘lust’. She, however, promised to step down if Wathoni wants to have a relationship with Brighto.

Dorathy said:

“There’s just something about Brighto that I like but it’s not feelings. I need to know if you’re trying to get his full attention so I’ll back out because I’m not trying to stay in your way.

“Brighto is smart, so I don’t know. I’m talking to you because I don’t want to have a problem with you. I respect our friendship more than the lust I have with Brighto.”

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#BBNaija: Viewers Hail Dorathy For The Way She Maturedly Fixed Heavily Drunk TrikyTee Who Wants To Kiss Her Last Night (WATCH)

In a video that’s now serving rounds on social media, a quite drunk TrikyTee can be seen assisted by Dorathy to put him to bed as he was too intoxicated and not in the right state of mind.


A drunk TrikyTee can be heard saying stuff to Dorathy about his mother and also apologizing to “Jesus”, while Dorathy tried to put him into his bed. He can also be heard telling Dorathy that she has a “kissable” lips.


Viewers of the show are currently having a field day over the hilarity of the video but are also praising Dorathy for being such a mature person who was able to handle TrikyTee at his drunk state when no one else obviously would.

TrikyTee is also heard saying,

Dear Jesus, I’m so sorry, I done messed up and I’m sorry Lord, I’ll make it better tomorrow.

Watch the video below,

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#BBNaija: I regret my friendship with Ozo – Dorathy (video)

BBNaija 2020, housemate, Dorathy, has said she regrets her relationship with Ozo. Ozo, Nengi and Dorathy earlier in the reality show were in a triangle relationship.

However, Dorathy after being questioned by Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, official host of BBNaija about her feelings warned Ozo to stay away from her.

But, speaking in the first-ever housemate to housemate diary session, Dorathy told Ozo that she regrets her relationship with him because she missed out on being friends with other housemates.

“I regret my friendship with Ozo because I focused on the attention and wish I could take it back and spread to every other housemate.

“I got carried away by the attention and being close to Ozo and missed friendship with other housemates,” Dorathy said.

Watch the video below;

Housemates were instructed and paired to act as Biggie to each other for Thursday’s diary session. This is the first time such diary session will hold without Biggies voice in the history of BBNaija.

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#BBNaija: I want to kiss you, I mean it – Dorathy tells Brighto (Video)

BBNaija housemate, Dorathy has revealed the intimate conversation she had with Brighto on Saturday night.

Brighto on Sunday night told Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, official host of BBNaija that he feels there is a triangle between Dorathy, Ozo and Nengi and thinks Dorathy has feelings for Ozo despite her denial.

However, Dorathy in a conversation with Brighto after eviction of Eric and Tochi said she felt offended about his discussion with Ebuka.

According to her, she meant what she said to Brighto on Saturday night that she wants to kiss him and was not drunk.

Dorathy said: “You offended me Bright because we had a discussion last night and you didn’t take me seriously because you thought I was drunk.

“I remember everything, I meant every word I said, including the part I said I wanted to kiss you.

“Everyone was shocked, but I said I don’t know, I can’t explain.”

See video below;

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#BBNaija: We need new men in the house – Dorathy, Lucy appeal to Biggie (Video)

BBNaija housemates, Dorathy and Lucy, have appealed to Biggie to send new men into the house.

The two female housemates made the request after they made a chart of the couples in the house only to find out that a few of the men are not attached to any lady.

According to Dorathy, all the men in the house are either attached or used by most of the ladies, while Lucy supported Dorathy’s idea saying, indeed, they need new men because the ones they have currently in the house are exhausted.

Dorathy said: “I need to tell Big Brother to send a new man in.”

Lucy said: “We need new men, these ones are exhausted. Some men should come and be going home, they are overdone.”

Watch video below;

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#BBNaija 2020: Dorathy tells Laycon what to do about Erica

BBNaija housemate, Dorathy, has advised Laycon about his feelings for Erica.

Laycon had developed feelings and declared his intention to Erica.

However, he was turned down on Tuesday as Erica made it clear that she is physically attracted to Kiddwaya and just mentally attracted to him.

He has since distanced himself from Erica which got the attention of Dorathy.

Dorathy took over the role of a love expert as she advised Laycon not to distance himself from Erica else he would lose her to Kiddwaya.

“If something is going to happen it’s going to happen naturally without pressure.

“Do not tell Erica you don’t want to talk to her for a while because that way, you will push her to start hanging with Kiddwaya more.

That is risky because you will still be here and you’re pushing her and what if she gets comfortable with the person.”

However, Laycon in response said he does not care as long as Erica is happy.

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#BBNaija: “You think like a frog” – Neo tells Dorathy (Video)

Big Brother Naija housemates, Neo and Dorathy were recently engaged in a conversation and in course of it, Neo got pissed over Dora’s inability to understand an idea he was trying to sell to her especially about Ozo’s “situationship” with Nengi in the house.

Appalled by the fact that Dorathy’s comprehension was slow, he in course of their talk told her she thinks like a frog.

On Monday night, Ozo emerged as head of house for week 3 and chose Dorathy as his Deputy. Not long after, Neo cornered Dorathy to explain the ‘situationship’ Ozo finds himself in with Nengi.

To Neo, Dorathy is misunderstanding Ozo and failing to act as the best friend in the situation – he asked if she’s interested in Ozo to which she replied “NO” and that none of them has interest in the other as lovers but just friends.

According to Neo, Ozo has placed Dorathy at a high point in his life because he values her as a friend but she’s making it difficult for him when she fails to see him in the same light.

And with her inability to understand his stressed point, a frustrated Neo was left with no other option than to tell her “you dey think like frog“.

Hearing that, Dorathy’s countenance immediately changed and Neo quickly apologized.

Watch below,

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#BBNaija: Nengi’s priceless reaction after realizing Ozo picked Dorathy as his deputy.

Big Brother Naija Housemate, Ozo emerged the Third Head of House after he completed the course in the allotted time they were given to complete the game.

#BBNaija: Nengi’s priceless reaction after realizing Ozo picked Dorathy as his deputy.

As required for the new head of house, Ozo was asked to pick a deputy and he chose Dorathy.

However, his on and off love interest, Nengi, must have been expecting to be picked. She wasn’t Ozo’s choice and her reaction when the announcement was made was priceless.