How to register to Vote in India?

Voting or election is like a festival of democracy. It not only enables us to choose our representative who will rule us for five years but also make us realise the importance of citizenship. Now, it is easy to register a vote in India as Election Commission offers online voter registration for Indian citizens who have attained the age of 18 on the qualifying date that is 1st January of the year of revision of electoral roll.

Some people don’t vote and think that one vote will not make any change. But if we analyse and see the things, one vote can make a difference. We have to understand and realise the importance of voting. No doubt, our nation’s political foundations are built using elections. For voting, it is necessary to register the vote. If you have not registered your vote and don’t know the process of registration have a look at the steps given below:

First we will see who is eligible to vote?

– He or She must be a citizen of India.

– Must have attained 18 years of age on the qualifying date that is 1st January of the year of revision of electoral roll.

– Must be enrolled in the electoral roll of India or the polling area of the Indian constituency where he or she resides.

Let us tell you that under Article -326 of the Constitution of India, the Right to vote has been recognized and it states that no person can be denied right to vote if he fulfills the need of Adult Suffrage i.e. he/she is above the age of 18.

How to register to vote in India?

First Step: Fill the Form 6


The first step for registration is to fill the Form 6. That is citizens can apply as prescribed in Form 6, before the Electoral Registration Officer/Assistant Electoral Registration Officer of their constituency.

To apply there are several ways:

– The application, containing copies of the relevant documents, can be filed in person before the concerned Electoral Registration Officer/Assistant Electoral Registration Officer.

– Also, it can be sent via post to the Booth Level Officer of the polling area or handed over to her or him.

– Online also you can file the application.

Process for applying online:

– Visit National Voter’s Service Portal.

– Click ‘ Apply Online For Registration of New Voter’

– With Form 6 a new window will open.

– Fill the form and submit it.

Second Step: To organise documents or documents required with Form 6

How to vote In India

Some basic documents are required to submit it with the Form 6. Also, remember that before submitting, documents should be attested or certified.

– It is necessary to submit ID proof. Like Passport, Driving License, Pan Card, Student Identification Card.

– Proof of residence or Address proof is also necessary to submit.

To register to vote at the address, you must be living there for six months.

Any of this documentation will serve as address proof:

Bank/Kisan/Post Office current Pass Book,
Ration Card,
Driving License,
Income Tax Assessment Order,
Latest rental agreement,
Latest Telephone/Electricity/Gas Connection/ Water Bill for that address, either in the name of the applicant or of his/her immediate relation (parents),
Any mail/ post/letter delivered through Indian Postal Department in the applicant’s name at the address of ordinary residence.

Note: If documents, as mentioned above, are not in your name but are in your landlord’s name then, in this case, he or she can sign an affidavit stating that you stay at the mentioned address. If address proof that you are giving is in your family member’s name then it is necessary to prove the relationship, for this a birth certificate is required to prove a relationship and a marriage certificate if an address is registered to your spouse’s name.

For Age Proof:
If your age is in between 18 to 22, then it is necessary to submit age verification. And for this any government recognised document will work like:

– Birth certificate issued by the Municipal Authority or District Office of the Registrar of Births and Deaths or Baptism certificate.

– Birth certificate from the Government or recognised school last attended by the applicant or any other recognised educational institution.

– If he/she is 10 class pass student then mark sheet of 10th class will suffice but it should contain date of birth as a proof.

– Even mark sheet of class 5 or 8 will also work if it contains date of birth.

– Passport

– PAN Card

– Driving License

– Aadhar Card issued by UIDAI

Third Step: Submit Form 6

How to vote In India

You have to submit your Form 6 with the certified documents to your nearest ERO (Electoral Registration Officer). After submitting your form you will receive a receipt of submission. Around one month or 45 days, time will be taken by the office in giving the status of your voter ID. Either you will get a call or mail for it. If you don’t receive any of this you can directly contact the ERO office where you have submitted the form with the receipt that you got during the course of submission.
If Election arrives and you don’t have your Voter ID then also you can cast your vote. , your name is mentioned in the electoral roll. You just have to carry your Driving License, PAN Card, Passport, etc. any one of them according to your suitability.

Also it may happen:

After receiving Form 6, The ERO will display a copy of the form on the notice board inviting objections, if any, within one week. Also, ERO may ask the concerned Booth Level Officer to visit the applicant’s residence and verify the information provided in the form. Then, the ERO will order the inclusion of name in the electoral roll if Form 6 is complete and no person has raised any kind of objection.
 In this way, you can register your vote. So, don’t wait, if you have not registered yet then register it. Voting is your legal right, be a responsible citizen and caste your valuable vote.

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Edo election: What President Buhari assured me – Gov Obaseki

Governor Godwin Obaseki of Edo State has said that President Muhammadu Buhari has assured him of a peaceful election come September 19.

Obaseki, who is the governorship candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, said this while calling on voters to come out en masse to cast their votes.

The Governor made this known when he addressed members of the PDP during a campaign rally in Ovia South West Local Government Area of the State.

He called on the party faithful to come out without fear of harassment or intimidation by the opposition.

Obaseki said, “President Buhari has assured me that the Edo election will be peaceful.”

He insisted that there will be peace in the State before, during and after the election.

“They are not more than us in number; vote and make sure your vote counts. Stay back in your polling units to ensure they count your vote in your presence,” he added.


US 2020 Election: Trump releases agenda for second term if re-elected

The Trump campaign has released a 9-point wishlist for President Trump’s second term if re-elected.

Trump’s release of his second term agenda comes ahead of the Republican party’s National Convention on Monday night August 24, and comes after Trump has repeatedly struggled to detail what his second term might look like, which has left critics questioning whether he even had an agenda.

The campaign team, and Trump himself, plan to promote this agenda throughout the convention which will hold throughout this week.

A key criticism of the Democratic National Convention last week is that the Biden campaign failed to substantively lay out the policies Joe Biden would implement if president rather focusing heavily on Biden’s character.

US 2020 Election: Trump releases agenda for second term if re-elected

Here is Trump’s agenda below.

1.Health care and coronavirus:

-Lower prescription drug prices and insurance premiums.
-End surprise billing.
-Develop a vaccine by the end of 2020.
-Make all critical medical supplies and treatments in the U.S.
-Stockpile for future pandemics


-A push to create 10 million new jobs in 10 months, including 1 million new small businesses.
-Cut taxes, and create a “Made in America” tax credit.
-Expand opportunity zones.

-Create tax credits for companies that shift operations from China to the U.S.
-Allow expensing deductions for essential industries, like pharmaceuticals and robotics, that bring their manufacturing to the U.S.
-No federal contracts for companies who outsource to China.


-Provide school choice to every child in America.

5. “Drain the swamp”:
-Pass congressional term limits.
-“Expose Washington’s money trail and delegate powers.”

6 “Defend our police”:

-Fully fund and hire more police and law enforcement officers.
-Increase criminal penalties for assault on officers.
-“Bring violent extremist groups like ANTIFA to justice.”
-End cashless bail.

-Block undocumented immigrants from becoming eligible for welfare and health care benefits.
-Mandatory deportation for non-citizen gang members.
-End sanctuary cities .
-“Require new immigrants” to support themselves financially.


-Establish a permanent manned presence on the Moon, and send the first manned mission to Mars .
-Focus on 5G and establish a national high-speed wireless internet network.
-Partner with other nations to clean up oceans.

9.”America First” foreign policy:

-Bring troops home.
“Get allies to pay their fair share.”
-Build a cybersecurity and missile defense system


Gov. Oyetola gets Osun West APC for reelection

The leaders of All Progressives Congress (APC) in Osun West Senatorial District, yesterday, declared support for Governor Gboyega Oyetola, saying that his administration was on course.

Hailing his development strides in the district, they said the people were impressed by his achievements and responses to challenges.

The leaders described as ridiculous, the recent advertorial by a group, Osun Network for Equity and Social Justice, clamouring for power shift to Osun West in 2022.

The agitation, according to them, was packaged to cause division in the chapter. The party leaders told reporters in Iwo that certain chieftains were planning to distract the governor.

The media briefing was attended by APC chieftains from the 10 local governments constituting the Western District.

Senator Aderele Oriolowo (Osun West) and APC Senatorial Leader Yinusa Amonbi, a member of the House of Representatives, who spoke on behalf of the party leaders, said Oyetola has paid much attention to the development of the area, particularly in the areas of education, health, road infrastructure, political and human development.

Reading from a press statement, Amonbi said, “It gladdens our hearts to inform the world that His Excellency, Alhaji Gboyega Oyetola, has magnanimously attended to, face-lifted and in some areas, built health facilities, especially PHCs across all over 100 electoral wards in Osun West District.

“Worthy of note is his recommendation of our son, Rt. Hon. Rafiu Adejare Bello, as a non-career Ambassador announced recently, which is another feat to Osun West Senatorial district. The entire West District recognises the wonderful and matured roles exhibited by Governor Oyetola in the establishment of the Federal College of Education, Iwo. We remain grateful.”

“Let it be stated expressly that we have eminent and qualified sons and daughters who can fit into the governorship race. However, our support for the incumbent governor remains firm, unshaken.”

“We, the leaders of Osun APC in the Osun West Senatorial District, hereby pass a vote of confidence on the Governor, His Excellency, Mr. Gboyega Oyetola, for his foresight, exemplary leadership, and administrative skills.

“We are using this opportunity to completely dissociate ourselves from the submission of Osun Network For Equity and Social Justice, published in The Nation newspaper of August 18, 2020.”

“As leaders and members of APC, we are unwavering, solid and rooted in our loyalty to his leadership prowess as the State helmsman, and this will continue as long as he remains committed to the pact of good governance and emulative motivational acumen of the unwritten cord he struck with the Osun West Senatorial District electorates.”

The leaders said “the sponsored crisis within the Osun APC family has failed and dead on arrival and the new slogan is “Oyetola Lekansi.”

The party leaders explained, that, while it is the legitimate right of certain people in Osun West to press for power shift, it should also be acknowledged that the governor, who is performing creditably in the district, deserves the support of the district for a second term.

Party leaders from the district including Former Speaker of the state’s House of Assembly, Dr. Najeem Salaam, Senator Mudashir Hussein, and the party secretary, Rasak Salensile, were, however, absent at the press conference and not part of the signatories to the rejoinder.

Nonetheless, 42 of 48 recognised party leaders from the senatorial district repudiated the previous advertorial, saying that it was divisive, destabilising and illogical.


We will give $10 Million to anyone who will expose any foreign interference on US Election – US Govt

The United States has announced a 10-million-dollar (N3.8 billion) reward for information on foreign interference in its elections.

The Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, announced the offer in a statement on Wednesday.

The move is targeting foreign government agents seeking to compromise the country’s federal, state or local election elections through cyber attacks.

Allegations of foreign interference, especially by Russia, in the 2016 U.S. presidential elections had been a big political issue in the country.

In 2019, then Special Counsel, Mr Robert Mueller, launched a lengthy investigation into alleged Russian meddling in the elections in favour of President Donald Trump.

Trump strongly denied colluding with the Russians, and dismissed the Muller probe as the product of a fake dossier paid for by the Democratic Party.

In his 448-page report, Mueller said it did not establish that the Trump campaign criminally conspired with Russia to influence the election.

However, the report cited 10 instances where Trump allegedly attempted to impede the investigation, a claim the president also denied.

In July, the Democratic Party’s candidate for the Nov. 3 election, Mr Joe Biden, said he received a security briefing on plans by the Russians to interfere again.

Biden vowed a swift retaliation against any nation that attempts to meddle in the American democratic process.



Obaseki is not a threat because he is not even eligible to contest elections – Oshiomhole

Former National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Comrade Adams Oshiomhole has stated that Governor Godwin Obaseki is not a threat to his party in the forthcoming Edo governorship election. 

Responding to a question on if Obaseki’s popularity was a threat to his party in an interview on Channels TV Sunday Politics, Oshiomhole stated that Obaseki who is the flagbearer of thePeoples Democratic Party (PDP) is not a threat because he is not even eligible to contest elections. 

He further described the Edo state Governor as a snail involved in a race tigers are in. Oshiomhole said; 

“How can he be a threat? A man who is not even eligible to contest elections? How can a snail be a threat in a race where tigers are involved?”


Poll: Virginia governor’s race in dead heat

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