Man Angrily Confronts Girlfriend After Finding Big Cucumber In Her Handbag With Condom On It (video)

Video shared online shows the moment a man confronted his girlfriend after he found a giant cucumber in her handbag with a condom placed on it.

This inevitably means the lady has been giving herself sexual pleasure with the huge vegetable which somewhat proves the guy is not able to drive her to the point of satisfaction she craves for.

The young lady who was shellshocked after she was nabbed unexpectedly, denied using the cucumber as a sex toy.

The furious guy then asked her why the cucumber was not in the fridge or lying in the kitchen but in her handbag if she insisted she wasn’t using it for self-pleasure.

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Man Goes To Propose To His Girlfriend But Caught Her Having Fun With Another Man (Video)

A video making rounds online has shown moment a man who went to propose to his girlfriend, caught her cheating. 

In the video which has a Latino setting,  the man who arrived at his girlfriend’s apartment with musicians caught her giving a blowj*b to an unidentified man.

She was seen at the end of the video looking out from the window and quickly withdrawing after spotting her boyfriend. 

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Video Of An Old Man Chopping Love With His Girlfriend Goes Viral (Video)

Social media is in shock again after a Video of an old man chopping love with his girlfriend hit online and fast going viral.

According to the video sighted online, he was seen cuddling and kissing her cheek while singing.

The couple were beautiful singing “Dilemma” by Nelly while while some quality time together in their house.

Love they say is a beautiful feeling when you are with someone who makes you feel good and special every moment whether together or far from each other.

This man is simply enjoying and living his best life while he has the strength and opportunity to have fun.

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Guy Wrestle With Girlfriend Over A Heated Argument That Lead To Injuries (Video)

Guy Wrestle N Beats Girlfriend Over A Heated Argument That Lead To Injuries – Video. Sad video drops as guy beats up girlfriend over an argument till injuries occurred.

In the video we can’t really tell what happened but they were arguing and an all of a sudden it turn to a fight.

However, Boyfriend decides to go physical on Girlfriend during little argument that happened between them.

It is always not encouraging for boyfriends to beat Partners over Little misunderstanding that occurred.

The Girlfriend can be seen warning him to leave her room after he went physical on her during argument


Girlfriend Beats and Disgrace Boyfriend and His Side Chick In A Restaurant – Video

Girlfriend Beats N Disgrace Boyfriend N His Side Chick In A Restaurant – Video. A video of a young lady blasting and disgracing his boyfriend in a restaurant with his side chick enjoying themselves goes viral

According to what we can hear in the video, it’s obvious the lady in the white dress is the serious girlfriend of the guy who was spending some time with another lady.

Per what she said, after having $.3.x so many times with him he is still cheating on her adding that he is not “satisfied abi”.

She then slapped and poured the drink on the guy out of anger for what he has done to her.

The guy didn’t say much after the slap but rather he was protecting the other lady obviously because he does not want her to get hurt.


Man hires friends to lash cheating girlfriend with belts and canes in a hotel room – Video

A cheating girlfriend has found herself in an uncomfortable situation after her boyfriend caught her redhanded in a hotel with another man.

According to reports, the man and his friends tracked the lady to the hotel until they caught her redhanded cheating on her boyfriend. The man and his friends lashed her on the bed using their belts and canes for cheating.

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Boyfriend Slaps Girlfriend’s Friends in Public For Allowing Her To Cheat On Him (Video)

A video trending online shows a Nigerian man slapping his girlfriend’s friends in public for allow her girlfriend to cheat on him.

However, being in love with someone who doesn’t love you can really heartbreak you. Infidelity is something that has really messed up many people’s relationships.

Both men and women cheat, with each having different reasons as to why they cheat on their loved ones.

Finding a true love has been a problem in our modern society owing to many things that happen around us. People do many things to get someone who truly loves them, or turn those who don’t love them to start having a strong feeling towards them.

This is the case with one Nigerian guy, who was captured on video teaching a lesson to his girlfriend’s friends.

People do different things when they are cheated on. However, his move to slap a group of his lady’s wasn’t cool not unless they helped her cheat on him.

Watch the video below:

What would you have done if your girlfriend cheated on you?


“I Love Her, I Can’t Stop Crying” – Man Laments On Facebook After His Girlfriend Dumped Him

A Nigerian man identified as Maleek Berry has cried out on Facebook after his girlfriend, Blessing, dumped him.

Sharing photos of himself and Blessing, Maleek pleaded with his friends on Facebook to talk to her on his behalf.

“Can’t just stop crying and thinking about you. The memory we shared is unforgettable. I love you so much. why do you choose to kick me out for no reason? I miss every single minute, the time we spent together. Pls fams just help me tell her I love her. She should please forgive me too. Pls fans I love Blessing too much, Blessing pls forgive me”, he begged.