Drama As Husband Catches Wife Pants Down With Another Man In A Hotel [Watch]

A man has been left totally devastated after he caught his cheating wife red-handed with another man in a hotel room.

The issue of infidelity in marriages is a very serious one as the stories have become rampant and it is gradually settling to become a normal thing.

Many times, women are on the receiving end of these cheating stories as it happens that their man is being unfaithful to them.

However, things have changed and wives are no longer folding their arms when their man hurts them.

A case in point is this lady who was busted by her husband in the act with another man in a hotel.

It appears the husband had been suspecting the wife of cheating on him and kept a closer look on her movements.

Eventually, his fears were confirmed after he caught her pants down.

From the video, the furious husband is heard threatening to kill the other guy but the wife pleaded with him to spare his life.

The poor guy had to kneel and beg for mercy. This is why it is never a good idea to mess with married women.

It’s like walking into a lion’s den!

Watch the video below:


Moment widow who was thrown out of her husband’s family house with her children was allowed to pack her properties after the burial of her husband (video)

A video which captured moment the widow who was thrown out by her mother-in-law from her husband’s family house in Ezinihitte community of Mbaise, Imo state was allowed to pack her properties after the burial of her husband, has been obtained by LIB.

It was learnt that the lady’s husband Emeka Festus Nwachukwu, a Veterinary Doctor died months after battling a terminal illness. 

When LIB reached out to the lady identified as Ann Emeka, she confirmed the incident occurred on the night of Wednesday March 24, after her mother and her sister arrived to help her prepare for her husband’s burial.

She said she was queried by her mother-in-law and sister-in-law on why her mother and sister came to the family house to be with her, a night to the burial of her husband.

Ann told LIB that when she responded by asking why her mother and sister shouldn’t have come, her sister-in-law grabbed her and tried strangling her.

However after the fight was broken up, she and her family including her five children were pushed out of the family house which was locked thereafter. She added that she was allowed to witness her husband’s burial on Thursday March 25 after villagers intervened.

Recounting how she took her husband to his village from their base in Port Harcourt, Ann disclosed that she can’t go back to the South South state capital because their rent has expired. She also revealed that she is currently staying at her family house.

Members of Udo Development Frontier in the community also alleged that the woman’s only crime was not being the woman her mother-in-law wanted her son to marry. 

A message shared by the group read; 



This has been a very painful and excruciating day.

Words cannot express the bitterness and pain in our hearts. The heart is heavy. Our tank of reserved tears have long drained from our eyes. And we know without a doubt, that it is the same with a whole lot of our fair minded, compassionate and peace loving brothers and sisters on this very platform and all over the world.


Our brother, *Dr. Emeka Festus Nwachukwu* died, after months of battling with a terminal illness. And on a day that we should have been bidding him eternal farewell to the great beyond, a far greater atrocity and abomination has befallen us.

*His young widow and 5 innocent fatherless children (3 boys and 2 girls, for those who might wonder if it was because of the absence of a male child) were sent packing unceremoniously by her mother in law. They were thrown out in the pouring rain yesterday night and were only allowed to attend their husband and father’s burial today after the intervention of some Udo Stakeholders. But immediately after the burial, she was thrown back out again with her kids, bundled into a waiting vehicle and ordered out of Udo. Her only crime? that she wasn’t her mother-in- law’s taste of a wife for her son!!! EVEN WITH 5 INNOCENT CHILDREN DOWN THE LINE, THIS MOTHER IN LAW FROM HELL WAS STILL UNFORGIVING!*

It is shameful and despicable that such barbaric practice can still be seen, allowed and condoned in 21st century Udo na Obizi and Mbaise as a whole?

Right now, our immediate concern for this widow and her 5 innocent children are:

1. FOR their SAFETY.

2. Their feeding

3. A shelter in Udo… and

4. The Education of these 5 little innocent children.

.. so that the children can return back to their father land and back to school, and their mother allowed to mourn her husband in peace, as our custom and tradition demands whilst still being able to look after her children.

Our short term goal is food and feeding for them and a return to school pathway for the children; and in the medium term to secure a small parcel of land to erect a comfortable apartment for them which they can call home. We would make any long term plans after further evaluation of their situation.

*We are therefore appealing to everyone who can, to please donate whatever you can to support this widow and her innocent children at this very perilous times. We shall appreciate every kind gesture no matter how much. Clothes, mattresses, food items, school items and household items are highly welcomed.*

We shall appreciate and recognise private and or anonymous assistance to this widow and her kids if you pass it through us to mitigate any limitations in logistics and access to her.


“Open Airport Please, I Want To Fvck My Husband” – Nigerian Woman Cries Out (Video)

A Nigerian lady who claimed to have been “s3x-starved” due to the coronavirus lockdown leading to the closure of the airport has appealed to the President of Nigeria to open it.

"Open Airport, I Want To Fvck My Husband" - Nigerian Woman Cries Out | Video

The continued rise in cases of coronavirus in Nigeria forced the federal government to enforce lockdown and the closure of the airport in the country, in other to control the spread of the life-claiming virus.

In light of this, a Nigerian woman has expressed her frustration, adding that the closure of the airport in the country is virtually killing her s3xually.

The video below sees a young married woman crying and begging the President of Nigeria Muhammadu Buhari to open the airport so her husband could fly back to Nigeria.

According to her, it’s been almost a year since she had s3x with her husband and don’t want to fvck behind her husband because she is scared of getting mad.

The woman in tears revealed that all cucumber sellers are now refusing to sell cucumbers to her because they have found out what she does with it.

Judging from the video, the frustrated woman seems to be missing her husband badly, she keeps begging the Nigerian president to open the airport so she could fvck her husband.

Watch the video below;


Samsung pushes out urgent security fixes for phones: Update now

Samsung is already pushing out the September Android security updates to its flagship phones, just after Google disclosed the patches Tuesday (Sept. 8).

Android Police reports that some versions of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Note 9, Note 10, Note 20, Note 20 Ultra, S10, A21, A51 and A70 had as of Tuesday already received the updates, which vary from country to country, as part of Samsung’s general software updates.

Bleeping Computer reported yesterday (Sept. 9) that some Galaxy S10 5Gs were also getting the update.

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Google’s September Android security bulletin lists fixes for more than 50 security bugs, several of which are deemed “critical.” The “most severe” one, according to the bulletin, is a Media Framework flaw that could let a malicious file hack into the device. Five other critical flaws affect phones using Broadcom chips.

Many of Samsung’s top-end phones receive monthly security updates, including all Galaxy S, Galaxy Z and Galaxy Note phones released in the past three years. Midrange phones get the updates quarterly, and some flagships older than three years get relegated to quarterly updates for an additional year of support. The Samsung Mobile website has a full list of which Samsung models are on which update schedule.

However, no Samsung phones will get the upgrade to Google’s next mobile OS, Android 11, right away. That rolled out Tuesday to Google’s own Pixel phones. Certain OnePlus, Oppo, RealMe and Xiaomi phones get an all-but-final beta version, but no Samsung models do.

Your Samsung phone should flash a screen notification that a software update is available. If you’d like to check manually, go to Settings > Software Update or Settings > About Device > Software Update, depending on your model.


My husband strips me naked in presence of our children, neighbours – Wife seeks divorce

A housewife, Omolola Aluko, on Thursday asked a Customary Court, sitting at Mapo in Ibadan, Oyo State capital to dissolve her 20-year-old marriage with her husband, Segun, over constant beating.

Omolola, a resident of Oluwo area in Ibadan, requested while testifying before the court’s President, Chief Ademola Odunade.

She said her request had become inevitable because her husband had threatened to kill her and constantly beats her, NAN reports.

“Once Segun finishes beating me, he usually strips me naked even in the presence of our children and other onlookers.

“My lord, my explanation may not be enough to tell how terrible Segun is and how he had subjected me to the most degrading dehumanisation.

“Moreover, he does nothing to cater for our four children, let alone myself.I have been solely responsible for the children’s education and other welfare.

“Segun is also planning to take over my house from me, that is the house I built with my little earnings,’’ she told the court.

However, the respondent, who did not contest the application for divorce, denied most of the applicant’s allegations.

Segun told the court that his estranged wife was a lazy woman and watches him while he cooks and washes his clothes himself.

“Omolola cannot endure. When there was enough, she stayed calmly with me, but in times of hardship, I became a bad husband.

“Except for this COVID-19 pandemic period, I have been responsible to the children by paying their school fees and other welfares,’’ Segun told the court.

In his judgment, Odunade granted the plaintiff’s request for dissolution of the marriage because of the lack of love between the duo.

He, however, granted custody of all the children to Omolola and instructed Segun to pay N20,000 as their monthly feeding allowance in addition to being responsible for their education and other welfare.


My Husband wants to use me for money Rituals, I bleed every time I sleep with him – Nigerian woman

A Nigerian woman Identified as Modupe Oyelade, Mother of 4, on Wednesday petitioned a Mapo Customary Court in Ibadan, seeking dissolution of her marriage of 17 years to husband, Aderemi on grounds over alleged attempt to use her for money ritual.

Modupe who lives at Iyana-Church area in Ibadan, told Chief Ademola Odunade, the court’s President that her husband is trying to kill her to make himself rich.

She said: ”He lied to me that he went to school. He has no certificate to show for it.

“After my husband had frustrated my efforts to further my education in the University ,  I got assistance from friends and I graduated.

“He wants to get rich quick and I am his target. I bleed every time I sleep with him. I see sacrificial calabash on my head in my dreams and in the bedroom.” she addded.


I beat my Husband because he orders me around, i hate nonsense – Nigerian woman

A Nigerian woman identified as Damilola Osilulu, has said they she beats her husband because he orders her around on how she should live her life, adding that she can’t take his nonsense.

Testifying before Chief Henry Agbaje, the President of the court, Damilola countered her husband’s accusation, claiming that her husband complains a lot and also makes senseless demands from her.

She said: “Sometimes, Akinkunmi orders me to do senseless things and I don’t obey him. However, if I see wisdom in his demands, I try as much as possible to come down to his level.

“If I can’t take his nonsense, I hit him straight away because Akinkunmi feels he is the husband, and that he is also lord over me,” she said.

Akinkunmi, The Husband said he filed the divorce suit to bring an end to his wife’s domination over his affairs.

He said: “My lord, Damilola does not want me to have a say in the house as she challenges my authority. If I ask her to do anything, she questions my authority and violently attacks me.

“This is to the extent that people keep coming to our matrimonial home for settlement of rift every now and then. Only God knows what would have happened if I had reacted to her frequent attacks against me. Enough of Damilola’s nagging; I cannot continue to stand her disrespect. Besides, she doesn’t take proper care of our three-year-old child” Akinkunmi added.

In ruling, Agbaje prevailed on the couple to exercise more patience. He advised relatives of both parties to do the needful by settling the matter. Agbaje then adjourned the case until Aug. 31 for judgment.


Grieving husband sues FMC Makurdi over wife’s death; demands N159m

Federal Medical Center, Makurdi, Benue state, as well as three medical doctors working in the hospital have been dragged to Federal High Court Makurdi for allegedly causing the untimely death of a woman who was also a staff.

Mrs Sabina Uyeh until her death was a Public Relations Officer of the Federal Medical Center.

The deceased’s husband, Benjamin Uyeh is demanding the sum of N159 million for general and special damages, as well as costs for the alleged negligence that led to his wife’s death.

Earlier, in a pre-action notice served on the defendants, Benjamin had threatened to sue the FMC and the doctors — Dr Paulinus Abu, Dr Jerome Ohene and Dr Hussein Micah — unless they compensated the family with N50m as “medical damages” for the death of his wife.

Benjamin in a pre-action notice had also insisted that the doctors be made to face disciplinary action for allegedly causing the death of his wife in October 2019.

He alleged that the surgery performed on his wife by the doctors left her with perforated stomach. The grieving husband also decried the dismissal of the scan result, which indicated that his wife’s gut was perforated, by one of the doctors.

Benjamin further alleged that “the negligent act and the subsequent actions and inactions of Dr Micah” subjected his wife to unimaginable pain for three months, until she eventually died.

He said efforts to arrive at a peaceful out-of-court settlement had failed, forcing him to take legal action against the defendants.

According to Tribune, in the writ of summons filed at the Federal High Court, Makurdi Division by Counsel to the Plaintiff, Kenneth Achabo of Achabo, Chaha and Associates, Uyeh declared that “the defendants were negligent in the way and manner” they handled the medical condition of his wife, Sabina.

In the summons, Uyeh insisted that his “wife died as a result of the defendant’s negligence”, thereby prompting him to claim from them, the sum of N159m as general damages; special damages and cost for the suit.

The breakdown of the damages being demanded by the grieving husband includes general damages in the sum of N100m for the loss of Sabina as a result of the defendants’ alleged negligence.

Others are: “General damages in the sum of N50m for the pain, discomfort, emotional and psychological trauma the plaintiff and his children have been subjected to for the loss of life of their breadwinner, being the plaintiff’s wife, as a result of the defendants’ negligence.

“Special damages in the sum of N7m, being medical bills and other expenses incurred by the plaintiff as well as N2m, being the cost of the suit.”