Redmi Note 10 Pro: Xiaomi’s upcoming mid-range champ could feature the new Snapdragon 750G

The Redmi Note 10 series draws closer. Xiaomi launched the Redmi Note 9 back in April; if the company follows a six-month release interval between generations as it appears to, that means the Redmi Note 10 will likely be launched sometime next month. More details of the phone have now potentially been revealed ahead of launch.

According to tipster Abhishek Yadav, the Redmi Note 10 Pro could feature Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon 750G. The source appears to be unsure if the device in question will be the Redmi Note 10 or the Redmi Note 10 Pro but the Snapdragon 750G is one of Qualcomm’s most powerful chipsets and is unlikely to be used on the cheaper Redmi Note 10. If there’s any substance to this rumor, the Redmi Note 10 Pro is the more feasible option.

At this point, it’s unclear exactly what SoC will underpin the Redmi Note 10 and Redmi Note 10 Pro. There have been rumors indicating either a MediaTek Dimensity 820, Snapdragon 732G, or Snapdragon 750G. Supposedly, the Redmi Note 10 or Redmi Note 10 Pro could be a rebadged Mi 10T Lite, so we may not have to wait for much longer to find out.


‘Phone’ app renamed to “Phone by Google” on the Play Store

Somewhat overshadowed by the launch of Android 11, Google at the start of this month brought its Phone app to non-Pixel devices and added a new “Verified Calls” capability. To coincide with this launch, the app is now called “Phone by Google” on the Play Store.

The Google Play listing for this app has long just named it “Phone.” It’s now officially: “Phone by Google – Caller ID & Spam Protection.” The latter portion is a clear move to attract people looking through the app store by immediately highlighting key capabilities and differentiators. Many when searching through results are hooked by the app name and icon to dig deeper.

Adding “by Google” is a fairly standard move for the company. Other applications with this naming scheme: Files, Wear OS, PhotoScan, Gallery Go, Read Along, Lookout, and Socratic.

There is no change to the actual app name that appears on your homescreen or launcher. Meanwhile, the “Phone by Google” tagline was used to advertise the original Pixel and Pixel XL as a way to familiarize people with the company’s new brand.

Moving forward, it would be interesting to see whether “Messages” gets the same treatment. It was previously “Android Messages,” but after dropping the OS name it more or less became Google Messages. Like the Phone client, it has wide availability as the default RCS client for many phones.


Redmi Note 8, Redmi Note 9S, Redmi Note 9 Pro billed to star the show in third phase of MIUI 12 rollout

After ending the second phase of its MIUI 12 rollout last week, Xiaomi is slated to set its sights towards the third phase, with phones like the Redmi Note 8, Redmi Note 9S, Redmi Note 9 Pro, and Redmi Note 9 Pro Max likely to finally receive the MIUI 12 update in the coming weeks.

Xiaomi has been sending out MIUI 12 updates for well over three months at this point. In that period, the company has rolled out MIUI 12 to most of its premium phones, including the previously-ignored Mi Mix 3 5G. For some reason, however, the Redmi Note 8 and Redmi Note 9 Pro series remain on MIUI 11. But not for much longer. 

Just last week, Xiaomi finally rolled the credits on the second phase of its MIUI 12 rollout. The second phase of the rollout saw updates sent out to phones like the Mi Mix 2, Redmi Note 9, and Redmi Note 7. The company has now entered the third phase, and going by previous information, should see devices like the Mi Max 3, Mi CC9e, and Mi Note 3 get the update. Even more importantly, the update should finally arrive for the Redmi Note 8.

Older information indicates that the Redmi Note 9 Pro, Redmi Note 9 Pro Max, and Redmi Note 9S will all get the MIUI 12 update in the fourth phase of the rollout. However, there’s official confirmation that the Redmi Note 9 Pro will start getting the stable MIUI 12 update in certain regions this month. It’s logical to assume that the other Snapdragon 720G-powered phones will also get the update at the same time—and likely as part of the third phase.


New Apple leak reveals iPhone 12 Pro

Apple’s redesigned iPhone 12 line-up is getting more troubled with every new leak. And now the alarm bells are ringing.

In a shocking new report, Fast Company has revealed that the iPhone 12 Pro will come with lower grade 5G capabilities usually reserved for midrange 5G smartphones, while the iPhone 12 Pro Max will only get premium 5G functionality in a handful of countries.

Apple, iPhone, new iPhone, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 12 release,
Apple iPhone 12 Pro concept rend

Considering the increased prices already leaked for these models, Apple’s design decision may backfire.

Breaking this down, Fast Company explains that Apple only intends to offer premium (mmWave) 5G with iPhone 12 Pro Max models sold in Korea, Japan and the US.

Everywhere else, the iPhone 12 Pro Max will be sold with the cheaper, slower Sub-6Hz 5G while the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Plus and iPhone 12 Pro will only ship with this standard.

As Fast Company notes, “If Sub-6 5G is a Camry, millimeter-wave 5G is a Mercedes S-Class.”

So what could’ve prompted this baffling decision?

I suspect another poor decision: Apple is downgrading the batteries in all iPhone 12 models.

mmWave increases power drain, so it looks set to be just the latest feature culled after equally power-hungry 120Hz ProMotion displays were also placed on the chopping block.

But there is one big upside. And that is Fast Company’s source has corroborated earlier leaks that Apple will release a 4G-only iPhone 12 Pro, early next year.

Not only will that model now have a smaller cellular speed gap than expected, but it will also have considerably better battery life on 4G while Apple is understood to be pricing it at up to $200 less than its 5G counterpart.

Throw in the fact that the 4G iPhone 12 Pro will enjoy every other benefit (including the new chassis design, big performance gains and a radical camera upgrade) and it looks like the standout upgrade option.

Especially with Apple’s iPhone 12 release date slipping further and further.


Samsung pushes out urgent security fixes for phones: Update now

Samsung is already pushing out the September Android security updates to its flagship phones, just after Google disclosed the patches Tuesday (Sept. 8).

Android Police reports that some versions of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Note 9, Note 10, Note 20, Note 20 Ultra, S10, A21, A51 and A70 had as of Tuesday already received the updates, which vary from country to country, as part of Samsung’s general software updates.

Bleeping Computer reported yesterday (Sept. 9) that some Galaxy S10 5Gs were also getting the update.

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Google’s September Android security bulletin lists fixes for more than 50 security bugs, several of which are deemed “critical.” The “most severe” one, according to the bulletin, is a Media Framework flaw that could let a malicious file hack into the device. Five other critical flaws affect phones using Broadcom chips.

Many of Samsung’s top-end phones receive monthly security updates, including all Galaxy S, Galaxy Z and Galaxy Note phones released in the past three years. Midrange phones get the updates quarterly, and some flagships older than three years get relegated to quarterly updates for an additional year of support. The Samsung Mobile website has a full list of which Samsung models are on which update schedule.

However, no Samsung phones will get the upgrade to Google’s next mobile OS, Android 11, right away. That rolled out Tuesday to Google’s own Pixel phones. Certain OnePlus, Oppo, RealMe and Xiaomi phones get an all-but-final beta version, but no Samsung models do.

Your Samsung phone should flash a screen notification that a software update is available. If you’d like to check manually, go to Settings > Software Update or Settings > About Device > Software Update, depending on your model.


Apple iPhone And Samsung Galaxy Beaten By Another Radical New Smartphone

Apple and Samsung should watch out. Yet another rival smartphone manufacturer has announced a significant breakthrough in camera technology – and this time there’s video.

Popular smartphone manufacturer, Xiaomi, has revealed a new version of its flagship Mi 10 Ultra smartphone featuring an invisible under-screen selfie camera, and the phone could be ready for release as soon as early next year.

In a video tweeted by perennial leaker, Ice universe, Xiaomi shows off the unreleased smartphone alongside the current model which features a punch-hole style camera in the top-left of the display.

Xiaomi's new selfie camera in action.
Xiaomi’s new selfie camera in action. XIAOMI

Maintaining the quality of the camera and display are two huge challenges when developing an under-screen camera. However, other than the obvious lack of punch-hole on the new model, there appears to be little visible difference between the two displays other than a small variation in brightness and color temperature. The video also makes it impossible to judge the quality of the new camera. A demonstration selfie is taken and the results look fine, but no direct comparison is made to the current punch-hole version.

However, from what we can see, the results look promising for anyone waiting to try out the new technology, although it remains to be seen how the new model will perform in the real world.

Xiaomi currently owns 10% of Global smartphone market share, according to Mobile Devices Monitor, and its Mi 10 Ultra holds the No.1 spot in Dxomark’s camera rankings at the time of writing.

For now, all eyes will be on fellow Chinese manufacturer, ZTE, which has already announced plans to launch the world’s first smartphone with an under-screen camera on Sep 1.  These significant advances come at a time when Samsung is yet to reveal its own under-screen camera and Apple continues to deploy a large ‘notch’ in its latest iPhones. So will the quality be good enough? We’ll know very soon.


MIUI 12 update for the Redmi Note 8 delayed yet again

The Redmi Note 8 was tipped to receive the MIUI 12 and Android 10 update in August. That doesn’t look to be feasible anymore, though, with official channels announcing that the MIUI 12 update for the phone, alongside those of the Mi Max 3, Mi 8 SE, and Redmi K20, has now been suspended.

For some reason, the Redmi Note 8 remains stuck on Android Pie and MIUI 11 an entire year after it was launched. Word from months ago claimed the phone would likely receive the MIUI 12 update in August but it appears a wrench has now been thrown into the works.

According to a report by PiunikaWeb, the MIUI 12 update for the Redmi Note 8 has now been suspended. This isn’t the first time it’s happened either. The source, the Xiaomi/MIUI update channel, claims the suspension of the rollout is due to stability issues. Business as usual with Xiaomi. This rollout suspension isn’t particular to the Redmi Note 8, though, as the Mi Max 3, Mi 8 SE, and Redmi K20 are getting a similar treatment.

It’s unknown when the Redmi Note 8 will finally receive the MIUI 12 update—which should also bring Android 10. Both the Redmi Note 7 and Redmi Note 9 have already received stable MIUI 12 updates, leaving Redmi Note 8 owners in limbo. 

MIUI 12 update for the Redmi Note 8 delayed yet again




Redmi Note 8 survives eight-floor drop and watery landing but ends up with a “curved” display

A Redmi Note 8 owner has reported how their Xiaomi smartphone still works after being accidentally dropped from an eighth-floor balcony and making a splash-landing in some type of body of water. The Redmi Note 8 was able to be charged and was operational, although it was left with a “curved” display after the traumatic incident

Those shopping for a rugged phone might not consider the Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 device, but it looks like the hugely popular smartphone just got durability as another selling point to add to its already impressive list: great display, price-performance ratio, presence of a 3.5 mm jack, dual-SIM, etc. Xiaomi’s CEO, Lei Jun, has been sharing the experience one unfortunate/fortunate (depending on how you look at it) Redmi Note 8 owner had.

It appears the Redmi Note 8 was put out on a balcony by the user’s mother, but it somehow fell from its lofty perch and smashed into the ground after an eight-floor drop (potentially over 100 ft/30 m). To add insult to injury, the stricken Xiaomi smartphone apparently landed in an unspecified body of water thus undoubtedly providing a killing blow. But the user actually found the Redmi Note 8 to be still operational and capable of being charged and with the touchscreen being usable.

However, the Redmi Note 8 was left with a “curved” display after the incident and water managed to get inside the camera module. It’s more than likely the owner will have to pick up a new smartphone at some point, but after this experience it wouldn’t be surprising if they plumped for another Redmi Note 8. The Xiaomi smartphone comes with a Snapdragon 665, 6.3-inch display, tough Corning Gorilla Glass 5, and apparently a very sturdy case.

Redmi Note 8. (Image source: Lei Jun)
Redmi Note 8. (Image source: Lei Jun)
Redmi Note 8. (Image source: Lei Jun)
Redmi Note 8. (Image source: Lei Jun)
"Curved" Redmi Note 8. (Image source: Lei Jun)
“Curved” Redmi Note 8. (Image source: Lei Jun)


Lei Jun (Weibo – in Chinese) via XiaomiToday (in Italian)


The Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro and Mi Mix 2S receive new MIUI 12 updates

Xiaomi has begun rolling out MIUI 12 for the European edition of the Redmi Note 8 Pro, just days after it started issuing a new Beta Stable update for the handset. The new MIUI 12 update brings European devices in line with those on the global and Indonesian branches of MIUI.

The update is called V12.0.1.0.QGGEUXM and it is rolling out to handsets now. According to a post on r/Xiaomi, the OTA is a 794 MB download and upgrades the European version of the Redmi Note 8 Pro from V11.0.3.0.QGGEUXM. Xiaomi typically rolls out updates like these in batches, so your device may not yet be eligible to upgrade to MIUI 12. However, you could try to install the recovery ROM manually by downloading it via the link below. Please note that this file is hosted on Xiaomi’s servers.

Similarly, Xiaomi has extended the rollout of MIUI 12 for the Mi Mix 2S. Previously, the OS upgrade had only reached Mi Mix 2S handsets on the China branch of MIUI, but Russian devices can now be upgraded to MIUI 12 too. The update is called V12.0.1.0.QDGRUXM and it should be rolling out as an OTA now. V12.0.1.0.QDGRUXM upgrades the Mi Mix 2S from V11.0.2.0.QDGRUXM. In terms of the global version of the Mi Mix 2S, the timing of previous global and Russian updates for the device suggests that Xiaomi will update global models before the end of this week. Again, you can download V12.0.1.0.QDGRUXM via the link below should you like to install it manually. 

V12.0.1.0.QGGEUXM is rolling out to the Redmi Note 8 Pro now. (Image source: r/Xiaomi)
V12.0.1.0.QGGEUXM is rolling out to the Redmi Note 8 Pro now. (Image source: r/Xiaomi)

Source(s) Mi Communityr/Xiaomi via Piunikaweb


The Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro receives a new MIUI 12 update

A new MIUI 12 update has reached the Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro. The update should be an encouraging sign for the handsets that remain on MIUI 11, like those on the European and Russian branches of MIUI.

Xiaomi is continuing the MIUI 12 rollout for the Redmi Note 8 Pro. Earlier this month, MIUI 12 reached the Redmi Note 8 Pro on the global and Indonesian branches of MIUI with V12.0.2.0.QGGMIXM and V12.0.1.0.QGGIDXM, respectively. Xiaomi has not rolled out its latest OS upgrade to all Redmi Note 8 Pro handsets yet, though. The Chinese company has been testing some builds on the Mi Pilot program, for example, along with the likes of the Pocophone F1.

Now, Xiaomi has begun issuing a new Beta Stable update to select Redmi Note 8 Pro handsets. According to a Mi Community post, the new update is only available for devices that have been enrolled on the Indian branch of MIUI. However, the release of a new MIUI 12 update, albeit a Beta Stable one,  is encouraging for Redmi Note 8 Pro models on other branches of MIUI. Currently, the European and Russian versions of the Redmi Note 8 Pro are yet to be upgraded to MIUI 12.

Previously, Xiaomi had tested V12.0.0.3.QGGINXM on the Redmi Note 8 Pro. That update was rolled back, but now the company has moved onto V12.0.1.0.QGGINXM. If you would like to try V12.0.1.0.QGGINXM before MIUI 12 reaches your Redmi Note 8 Pro you can download the Recovery or Fastboot ROMs via the links below.

V12.0.1.0.QGGINXM is rolling out to select handsets now. (Image source: Mi Community)
V12.0.1.0.QGGINXM is rolling out to select handsets now. (Image source: Mi Community)

Android 10 update for Redmi Note 8?

Redmi Note 8 owners aren’t too happy about the fact their phones are yet to receive the Android 10 or MIUI 12 updates. A tentative timeline pegged the Android 10 update as due to arrive in early August but that doesn’t look to be feasible now either.

The Redmi Note 8 is a strong contender for being one of Xiaomi’s best-selling devices ever, in terms of sheer sales volume. For some reason, however, the phone isn’t being awarded the priority one would expect to come with such a badge.

Xiaomi began sending out the Android 10 update as far back as last year, with the MIUI 12 rollout starting back in April. The Redmi Note 8 remains in the cold, though, and has received neither Android 10 nor MIUI 12. While Xiaomi has a history of neglecting select devices—look no further than the Mi Mix 3 5G—this is the first time a high-profile, commercially successful device is getting a treatment like this.

Owners of the phone have good reason to be peeved—assuming comments on our forums are anything to go by. After all, the Redmi Note 7 has received both MIUI 12 and Android 10. That’s logical, one would assume. The older phone getting updates first, that is. Well yes, but actually no, as the Redmi Note 9 already got the Android 10 update weeks ago. Xiaomi seems to have skipped the Redmi Note 8 entirely. It’s peculiar really, as the Redmi 8, Redmi 8A, and Redmi Note 8 Pro have all received Android 10 too.

Again, we’re not sure why this is the case. As far back as May, there were already reports of Xiaomi working on an Android 10 build for the phone. Supposedly, that build was buggy and had to be scrapped. Since then, there’s been no concrete information. A tentative ETA indicated an early August rollout but we’re already past that and there hasn’t even been a stable beta. Word on the grapevine claims the phone could get the update in October. Fingers crossed.


Mobile Google CEO Promises 11 Daydream-compatible phones

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