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The Ghanaian music industry would be dead without Medikal and Shatta Wale- Kwame Oboadie



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Kwame Oboadie has blessed the wombs that carried Ghanaian music stars Medikal and Shatta Wale.

The radio and TV presenter asserted that Shatta and Medikal are the two artists that have sustained the industry for a minute and without them, the music industry would be dead.

Posting a picture of Medikal with his mum and Shatta’s, the journalist thanked the women for blessing Ghana with such talent and not aborting these stars.

His post read, ”God bless these two women, their refusal to do an abortion is the reason why The Ghana Music industry is still breathing. The one in Green is @amgmedikal mother. Who’s mother is in Kente?. @shattawalenima. The Nation’s MC #mcbaakop3.”


Kwame Oboadie Medikal Shatta
Kwame Oboadie Medikal Shatta

His comments could spark some controversy as other artists putting in the work might take offense to him discreting their efforts.

Apparently, the picture was taken from a nuptial ceremony at which the presenter emceed which also saw Medikal make an appearance.

Nonetheless, the award-winning rapper went on, somewhat, a short vacation in the States recently and came back bearing gifts.

It seems Santa came early for the likes of Shatta Wale and Fella Makafui as Medikal, upon his return, gifted his wife and his godfather an iPhone 12 each.

Again, the rapper was trending in the news as he acquired a brand new all-black Rangerover upon his arrival.

The plush vehicle with its beautiful night sky interior was spotted on social media as fans were left drooling over the latest addition to the wealthy musician’s fleet.

However, Fella Makafui is also currently in Dubai as videos and pictures seen on her social media indicate.

Gossip has it that she travelled for business even though she is yet to disclose what her plans for going to the UAE are.

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