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“The “L” Missing From My Spelling Mistake Probably Belongs To My Haters”- DJ Cuppy Shares Adorable Photos As She Jabs Her Haters




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The ‘Billionaire’ daughter who is a professional disk jockey and a music producer is one of the few female DJs in the continent with international recognition.

She shared some nice photos of herself with the caption;

I no come this word to suffer #CuppyDat

Netizens reacted to her tweet with most people trying to troll her for a spelling mistake of the word ‘world’.


Cuppy then came back to comment under her post stating;

The “L” missing from my spelling mistake probably belongs to my haters#CuppyDat

See full post;

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Stop featuring upcoming artiste if you want to blow – Fan advises Laycon



A fan of the fast-rising reality star and musician, Laycon, has advised the singer to stop featuring upcoming artistes in his songs.


This is coming after Laycon shared a tweet asking his fans what they think is the best scene from one of his recently released music videos.

“So, my team and I have been arguing for an hour over which we think is the best scene in HipHop video. Decided to ask you, my family members…. What’s your favorite scene in HipHop video? These are mine… Share screenshots of yours,” the BBNaija star wrote.

laycon featuring upcoming artiste

In reaction to his tweet, a fan took to the comment session to warn Laycon about featuring upcoming artistes in his songs.

“Stop featuring up coming artist in any of your songs henceforth if you truly want to blow, cos you got the talent, I just hope your new Ep is not filled with the whole upcoming artist in fierce nation,I’m really pissed tonight no one shout @ me at all,” he advised.

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Ghana Election 2020:60% Of Ghanaians Don’t Have NHIS



The Presidential Candidate for the opposition National Democratic Congress NDC John Dramani Mahama has stated that 60% of Ghanaians don’t have National Health Insurance that’s why he will introduce the free Primary Healthcare Program.

“60% of Ghanaians don’t have an NHIS card – that’s why the NDC is bringing the Free Primary Healthcare Program.”

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Adding that:”If you are sick, all you will need to do is go with your Ghana Card & you will receive care free of charge, it’s that simple.”

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My dad found out after 40 years me and my sisters are not his children, killed himself



A lady has narrated on social media how her dad killed himself after finding out all his children belong to another man.

My dad found out after 40 years me and my sisters are not his children, killed himself

According to the writer who kept herself anonymous, her father met his mom at the age of 16 and dropped his career of becoming a medical doctor to raise a family only to find out after 40 years that he had been fathering four children that are not his.

Read her full story below …

This is gonna be very long, sorry about that
My parents were high school sweethearts, they started dating when they were both 16, they dated for 4 years and that my mom(59F) got pregnant with my oldest sister(39F) then my dad(59M) did the right thing”, he dropped out of college (he was on the path to medical school, it was his dream to become a doctor), married mom and started working at a desk job at my grandpa(80M) company, my parents later had three other kids, my older sisters (35F),(33F) and me (30F).

My childhood was pretty normal, dad worked, mom stayed at home taking care of me and my sisters, dad was always very present in our lives, I and my sisters were always daddy’s girls, we were very attached to him, I was particularly close to him, we had a really deep bond, when I was 13 I was diagnosed with leukemia and he never left my side, he held my hand during chemo sessions during the whole time, he consoled me when I had my first heartbreak and assured me that everything would be alright, he taught me how to drive, he walked me down the aisle 3 years ago when I married my husband and told me that was one of the happiest days of his life, I was always his favorite as well…

My parents were happy, I never saw them fighting or anything like that, my dad took my mom on date nights at least twice a week, he spoiled her a LOT and they seem really in love. My parents were the perfect couple, everyone saw them as something flawless, an example of true love.

My mom was my dad only one and dad was mom only one, it was something that he was very proud of that it was really special for him, I felt really bad when I lost my virginity to my ex-boyfriend and realized that I couldn’t ever have the same thing as my parents.

My dad’s mom died during birth and grandpa raised him as a single parent, he never remarried (or dated anyone after her death as far as I know), grandpa refused to talk about grandma, it was very painful for him. he never met anyone from grandma’s side of the family and grandpa didn’t talk much about her.

In June I bought a 23andme kit for me and dad, I thought that would be cool to see if he had any relatives on grandma’s side and we did the tests together.

We did the tests, I found out that I had 2 half brothers and that we shared the same father.

We were honestly confused, I and dad didn’t understand that, we thought that this was a mistake when we told mom about this she froze, she started crying, we pressured her a bit more and that’s when she confessed about her 11-year-old affair with one of my dad’s friend, he was our neighbor at a certain point of our lives and he was in the same class as dad and mom, I remember seeing him around when I was a kid, he was a close friend of the family.

Dad was in denial, he thought that it was a mistake, I and my sisters ended up doing the test at a hospital, 3 days later the results arrived, no one matched with dad, he was not our father.

For the first time in 30 years of my life, I saw my dad cry, not a normal cry, sobbing, like a kid.

We tried to talk to him, he got up, grabbed his keys and left, we tried to call like a hundred times and he didn’t answer, my mom was having a panic attack so my oldest sister took her to the hospital.

We didn’t hear from dad for 3 whole days. We searched for him everywhere. Eventually, my grandpa found him at the family fishing cabin, he had hanged himself. He didn’t leave any notes or anything like that.

In 9 days I discovered that my mom had an 11-year affair, that my dad wasn’t my biological father and that he took his own life. It. Broke. Me.

His funeral was another mess, my dad’s side of the family got into a fight with my mom’s side of the family, my grandpa and uncles ended up kicking my mom out of the funeral, it was a disaster, the first time I saw my grandpa crying as well, it was something I wish I hadn’t seen it. He entered a really deep depression after that, he barely speaks anymore.

After the funeral, neither I or my sisters could look at mom anymore, we just couldn’t. I can look my sisters in the eye as well, and I blame myself every day for suggesting that fucking stupid test.

Thanksgiving this year was the first time we didn’t celebrate as a family (in 33 fucking years), I can’t look at my mother anymore, she spends her days staring at a wall, her side of the family is pressuring me and my sisters to reestablish contact but I lust can’t (my sisters are also not speaking to her since the funeral).

I found out that I am pregnant last week (I and my husband have been trying for the last two years) and I not even happy, I feel hopeless, I feel broken, sometimes I start to think about dad and my heart looks like it is going to explode I fucking miss him so much.
Have anyone been in a similar situation?

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