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“There’s no way I can stop corruption, God himself knows it…” – Special Prosecutor Nominee, Kissi Agyabeng

Special Prosecutor Nominee, Kissi Agyabeng has intimated that his assumption of office does not mean he is going to stop corruption completely.

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According to him, he can not stop corruption or prevent people from engaging in it but he will ensure that the repercussion of the act becomes costly on the individual(s).

The nominee for the Office of the Special Prosecutor told Parliament’s Appointment Committee during his vetting on Thursday that it will be naive on his part to say he can stamp our corruption completely or prevent it from happening.

“I am not naive to assume that I am coming to stop corruption. There’s no way I can stop corruption as Special Prosecutor. God himself will not acclaim to that but, I am going to make corruption costly to engage in,” Kissi Agyabeng said.

Kissi Agyabeng is looking forward to replacing Martin Amidu who resigned from his position in November last year after citing instances where his work has been interfered with by the guys at the top.

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