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Twene Jonas In Trouble After This Video Of Him Confessing Surfaces (WATCH)

Ghanaian socialite Twene Jonas is currently in hot waters after a video of him confessing to bragging mostly about his possessions on Facebook live surfaces.

The video captures Twene Jonas confessing that indeed he brags about his cars and all that solely for views and nothing else.

Twene Jonas In Trouble
Twene Jonas In Trouble After This Video Of Him Confessing Surfaces (WATCH)

The video ‘exposing’ Jonas was posted by U.S based Ghanaian entertainer Archipalago.

The video captures Jonas’s in a live session on Facebook when another Ghanaian in the U.S approaches him.

The gentleman was heckling Jonas, hounding him to show him his Lamborghini that he has been bragging about with online.

Jonas obviously has no Lamborghini so he tried claiming his car is actually a Porsche, and the gentleman said he should still take him to see this Porsche.

Jonas didn’t have a Porsche either so he tried pausing the video to get rid of the guy heckling him. Unknown to him, he had failed to pause the video.

Thinking the video was paused, Jonas admitted to the gentleman that all the bragging he does is for views. Ghanaians got everything on video since Jonas failed to pause the video.

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