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Hassan Ayariga under life support as he contracts coronavirus

Mr Hassan Ayariga, the founder and leader of the All Peoples Congress (APC), has been admitted to the Intensive Care Unit of a health facility after contracting the deadly Coronavirus.

The 2020 Presidential candidate, who at the early stages of the outbreak of the virus in Ghana fought the government in various ways is now battling for his life as he has been placed under life support following the contraction of the virus.

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Mr Ayariga is said to have arranged for his own supply of oxygen to keep him alive and stabilized due to the severity of his condition.

A photo going viral on social media sees the APC flagbearer in an oxygen mask lying on his sickbed.

Meanwhile, it has been reported that Hassan Ayariga has expressed his regret for not taking the COVID-19 vaccine and has described his current condition as “it’s like someone is suffocating you”.

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Sarkodie Disciplines A Fan Who Disrespected Wale For Hyping His ‘No Pressure’ Album

Sarknation boss Sarkodie, disciplined one of his fans who misbehaved towards American rapper Wale.

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Wale who happens to be on the ‘No Pressure’ album, was just hyped about the album, and went ahead to make a few tweets about it, as the release date gets closer.

A fan out of nowhere just jumped on one of the tweets and said, Sarkodie gave Wale a career, a quite absurd statement.

Sarkodie upon seeing the tweet replied him with a well deserved reply, saying there will always be that one person who want to play dumb.

Post below;

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Benedicta Gafah teases Hajia4real after allegedly snatching her baby daddy

Ghanaian actress, Benedicta Gafah, after allegedly snatching Hajia4real’s rich baby daddy, Latif has thrown a subtle jab at her.

Per an earlier report, Benedicta is reported to have felt comfortable with Latif during a house party which prompted those around the possibility of a relationship between the two.

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According to the report, Gafah even had full access to Latif’s house and phone like his partner should which is weird knowing very well that he’s in a relationship with Hajia.

Benedicta Gafah was allegedly using Latif’s phone and playing games whilst the other ladies gathered at the party wondered what was going on.

Following the report, Benedicta Gafah has taken to social media to tease Hajiareal. She claims God has answered her prayers and given her heart desire.

She’s posted a bible verse praying for her fans to also receive such a blessing.

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I fled Nigeria to avoid being killed by FG – Igboho tells Benin court

Popular Yoruba agitator, Sunday Igboho has stated the reason why he fled Nigeria before a court in Benin Republic.

Recall that he was arrested on July 19 with his wife while attempting to travel to Germany.

He has now been charged with illegal entry into the Benin Republic.

He is also explaining his mission in Cotonou, the Benin Republic capital.

The court ruled that he should be relocated to prison from police custody.

Igboho’s lawyer, David Ibrahim Salami, told The Nation in Cotonou what transpired at the Benin Court of Appeal on Monday where the agitator appeared before three judges.

He was in court from 7:30 am till about midnight.

Salami, a Professor of Law in a Beninoise University, said: “While defending himself on the criminal allegations put on his head by Nigeria, Igboho told the judges that he had never been tried for any crime in his life.”

According to Salami, Igboho said he had neither been invited to any police station nor any formal charges brought against him as a result of his agitation for the separation of Yoruba nation from Nigeria.

He explained that he was only trying to free ‘his people’ from the atrocities of killer-herdsmen, which made him incur the wrath of some powerful individuals in government.

“When the judge asked him how and when he entered the Benin Republic, who housed him and who took him to the airport, Igboho told the court that his coming to the Benin Republic was to flee from his traducers who wanted to kill him in Nigeria.

“He stressed that he spent less than one day in Cotonou before attempting to travel to Germany,” Salami added.

The lawyer spoke further: “What amazed me is the fact that the judge was explicit that Igboho’s continued detention is not as a result of his issues with Nigeria, that he is being sent to prison because of infractions committed here in the Benin Republic.”

Salami said Igboho was sent to prison to allow investigation into how he came into Cotonou and why.

Salami said no date had been fixed for the continuation of trial because the authorities would need time to investigate how Igboho entered the country.

He said Benin Republic law allows Igboho to be admitted to bail pending the outcome of the investigation.

On why the trial is behind the curtain, he added that it is when investigations are concluded that the judgment can be read in the open court.

Igboho, according to the lawyer, showed discomfort as a result of bruises he suffered when the Department of State Services (DSS) attacked his residence on July 1.

As a result, Igboho was allowed to sit throughout Monday’s court sessions instead of standing before the judges.

As a prison inmate, he will be entitled to medical services if there is a need, unlike when he was in police custody.

Salami said Igboho’s trial, which began from an extradition request from the Nigerian authorities, is now centred solely on whether or not he broke the laws of the Benin Republic.

The primary task now is to establish whether the embattled activist entered Cotonou through legal or illegal routes, and what his mission was meant to achieve, the lawyer said.

Salami said the Nigerian authority had not filed any papers against Igboho.

“We have also not seen any written complaints from Nigeria being placed before the court. It is a case between the Benin Republic and Sunday Igboho – nothing more,” he explained.

Explaining why Monday’s proceeding was prolonged, Salami said it needed to be so because the trial is being handled by three judges whose functions and powers are different but complementary: prosecution judge, investigative judge, and judge of liberty or detention.

He said the matter before the prosecution judge office did not commence until 2 pm. Reason: the enormity of tasks the prosecutor’s office needed to handle. The trial then moved to the investigative judge by 3 pm, lasting till around 6pm.

It was the judge of liberty or detention, who took over from his investigative colleague at night that ruled that more time is needed for the court to establish the true reasons behind Igboho’s coming to the Benin Republic.

Like hundreds of Igboho’s supporters who came to show solidarity on Monday, his wife, Ropo was also in court.

Throughout the day, she was seen entering and coming out of the special room where her husband was kept in the court. She had earlier been released and her German passport released to her.

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Photo of a vigilante group reportedly rescuing a Police officer from kidnappers surfaces

A photo of a vigilante group reportedly rescuing a police officer from kidnappers has surfaced online causing netizens to ask so many questions as to why a whole could only be rescued by a vigilante group and not his colleague officers or better still soldiers.

In the photo, the police officer who seems to have gone through a lot at the hands of his kidnappers is seen hugging one of the vigilante group members giving him no space to breathe.

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The reports circulating on social media never mentioned why the police officer was kidnapped in the first place and why it was a vigilante group that went to rescue him and from the way he was hugging the vigilante, the guy shows he’s grateful to the vigilante guy who rescued him.

Some others were only making fun of the Nigerian security system saying it can only happen in Nigeria where a vigilante group is the one rescuing a police officer who has been kidnapped and not any security member saying they can now know how the families of others who have been kidnapped by bandits feel and go through.

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Drama as side chic storms office of wife of the man she’s sleeping with to give her strong warning

A side chic threw caution to the wind by storming the office of the woman whose husband she’s dating to issue a stern warning to her.

The unbelievable spectacle was shared by the man’s wife who apparently wrote to an online counsellor soliciting his advice on what should dictate her next line of action.

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The married woman said the side chic warned her to stay away from her man and this is something she finds ridiculous.

In her words;

“Ceetee It’s hurting. I have never been humiliated in my entire life like this. My husband’s side chick came to my office today and warned me to stay away from her mar . The visit took me unaware and I was just shocked.

Felt like ground opening and swallowing me. She said my husband told her that he married me out of pity. That my mum and I begged him to marry me. That he’s tired of the relationship and he has given me divorce papers but I refused to sign. That the last time he made love to me was 8 months ago.

(We made passionate love last night and even early this morning he was begging me for sex but I told him to hold on when I return from work. I was already late) That d reason he hasn’t taken drastic measures is that our children.

She said she can’t wait to answer his mos. that I should leave his Ste. He doesn’t love me. She was ready to fight me. It life. He doesn’t love me.

She was ready to fight me. It was my secretary that called security and they threw her out. I was just lost in thoughts that I didn’t even see the gravity of the damage she did until my colleague who took the video of what happened played it for me.

I begged them not to release the video. I forwarded the video to my husband. I came back from work and I have been crying waiting for my husband to come back, look me in the eyes and tell me that what that girl said is true.

That he told her all this. Ceetee till now, my husband has not come back. His phones switched off. I think he’s running away. I’m running mad here.

The fact that he’s not here to discuss it is adding to the pa.. I have three children. I’m the breadwinner. Even the house we are staying in was built by me. I respect him. Through my connection, he got his work and they are paying him handsomely. This is how he wants to pay me back.  I’m heartbroken.

How will I face my workers tomorrow? Ceetee. I’m hurting. I can’t let this slide. I need to deal with both. The small brat and my husband. How there she challenges me. Ceetee, please can I talk to you on phone. I just need a shoulder to lean on. Please how do I deal with them? Imagine if this video leak online”.

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Prof. Nana Aba Amfo set to replace Prof. Ebenezer Oduro Owusu, as Vice-Chancellor of the  University of Ghana effective August 1

The Pro-Vice-Chancellor in charge of Academic and Students Affairs at the University of Ghana, Prof. Nana Aba Appiah Amfo, has been appointed to act as Vice-Chancellor of the institution effective August 1, 2021.

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This follows a decision of the University’s newly constituted Governing Council, chaired by former Chief Justice, Sophia Akuffo.

She is to act in the position following the expiration of the tenure of the current Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Ebenezer Oduro Owusu, ending July 31, 2021.

Prof. Appiah Ampo is taking over the role “until such a time the University Council appoints a substantive Vice-Chancellor”,  a statement from the school’s Registrar announced.

The Council considered Section 10 (2)(b) of the University of Ghana, Act 2010 (Act 806), and Section 6 (3) of the University of Ghana, and decided on the appointment of the senior of the two Pro-Vice-Chancellors, to act.

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Nnamdi Kanu’s Trial: Lawyers Denied Access Into Court Room (Video)

There was drama at the Federal High Court Abuja as some lawyers were denied access into the courtroom for the trial of Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the Indigenous People Of Biafra.

In a video shared by Punch, the lawyers were seen at the entrance of the court discussing after they were denied access.

See Video Below;

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BBNaija 2021: Princess Wades Into Why She Became A Taxi Driver

Princess, one of the housemates who qualified for the ongoing BBNaija season 6 has revealed she’s a taxi driver and that’s what she does for a living.

During the unveiling of the female housemates last night to join the males in the house who were also unveiled on Saturday night, Princess waded into her life.

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Speaking about why she decided to become a taxi driver, the housemates stated that she lost her job which led her to jump into such a male-dominated business.

Princess hails from Imo State and also emphasized that at that point in her life which she decided to become a taxi driver she was depressed.

According to her, she’s looking at owning a restaurant and her car-hailing app.

In her own words,

“I am a taxi driver. I became a taxi driver after I lost my job. I have been doing this for a year. “I’m aiming to own my car-hailing app and a restaurant. I’m single and want to remain so for now,”

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BBNaija 2021: Nini Wins Fans Heart With Her Beauty As Nigerians Shower Praises On Her

The most prominent reality show in Africa, Big Brother Naija season 6 has finally taken off as the female housemates who qualified have joined the males.

BBNaija 2021: Nini Wins Fans Hearts With Her Beauty As Nigerians Shower Praises On Her

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Yesterday, 11 Housemates who are guys were unveiled after the launch of the reality show and we’ve since heard about the stories of each housemate.

Nigerians can’t get over one of the female housemates, Nini as they shower praises on her on the gram due to her beauty.

The housemate is a fashion entrepreneur who doubles a model from Edo state and during the unveiling, she revealed she’s keen to try new things and the experience from the show will help her face challenges.

Nini has since won most BBNaija’s fans hearts with her beauty as most of them are gushing over her looks

Check out some reactions below…

@kizchris_art wrote;

Second Erica 😂😂😂😂.. No go pour water ontop Dat hoh bed ooo

@chokolate_muffin wrote;

2nd softest girl in that house. Omo e go hard to pick Stan o 😩

monalisa_joseph wrote

Another Edo girl representing😍😍 My fine Edo sister😍 If you’re from Edo state and you love her gather here. Two of our sisters are in the house 💃💃

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BBNaija 2021: Meet All The Beautiful Women Coming To Add “Spice” And Drama At The Big Brother House

The first one the list is Angel. She is a beautiful lady adorned with 11 Tattoos and she says what you give is what you get.

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The Second on the list is Peace. Her strategy for the house is simple. She is there to have fun and win the ultimate crown.

The third BBNaija lady is Jackie B. Jackie is ready to stay 10 steps ahead of her colleagues to emerge as the winner.

The fourth on the list is Tega. Tega says she has found the balance between staying calm and being hot headed.

The fifth lady on the list is boss lady Arin who says she is a full package that doesn’t need anything extra.

The sixth lady is Maria. The beautiful air hostess plans to make all the guys bow down at her feat.

The seventh lady is Liquorose who is a drama queen and ready to bring some real drama to the house.

The eighth lady is Beatrice. Beatrice is a cool cat and ready to take things easy at the house.

The final lady is Princess. Princess is ready to fight anyone who tries to take advantage of her.

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BBNaija 2021: Check Out Big Brother Naija Season 6 Housemates

The most popular reality show in Africa, Big Brother Naija season 6 is finally here as the first housemates to enter the house have been unveiled.

The show is going to roll on the screens for the next 72 days and it’s going to be full of fun, drama, and confrontations as we’ve seen in the previous seasons.

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This edition’s theme is ‘Shine Ya Eye’ as the housemates will be battling for the ultimate price of N90 Million.

Check out the names of housemates below…









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Nobody Has The Right To Question Obi Cubana’s Source Of Wealth – Emeka Ike

Veteran Nollywood actor, Emeka Ike has waded into how people are critizing the CEO of Cubana Group following the lavish burial ceremony he held for his late mother Ezinne Uche Iyiegbu.

There was an immense display of wealth and riches in Oba, Anambra State during the ceremony as it was also the talk of Nigeria.

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Billionaire, Obi Cubana has received mixed reactions after the burial ceremony as people are spewing different diverse views on the internet.

Well, veteran Nollywood actor, Emeka Ike has added his voice to it noting that nobody holds the right to question the billionaire’s source of wealth stating that people should mind their business.

Speaking with Saturday Beats in an interview he said, “We all mind one another’s business in this country because people are always looking for the negative things. As he (Iyiegbu) is spending, it shouldn’t be anybody’s problem. He is simply having fun. And if it is a way of honouring his late mother, what stops him from calling his friends to come around and celebrate her life? Maybe, that’s his way of doing it. He has also said that he has helped many people and many of them would want to repay the favour. People can have whatever opinion they want about Nollywood. The industry is diverse and there are many people working in it. The fact that some actors sprayed money there does not mean we should carpet the whole Nollywood.”

He disclosed that “There are different ways people can show their affluence. Some might choose to ‘spray’ money and it could be a one-off thing. I don’t think I have heard Kanayo Kanayo spraying money anywhere before now”

He added that “We are not going to carpet all that because of someone spraying money at a function. Maybe Cubana had been nice to them and they decided to spray that amount of money. However, it is left for the government to decide whether to ban spraying of money or not.”

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“You Are Beginning To Talk Too Much”— Actress Ujunwa Mandy Tells Her Senior Colleague, Kanayo O. Kanayo

Nollywood actress, Ujunwa Mandi has slammed veteran actor, Kanayo Kanayo on social media over a video of him sharing a word of advice to his fans that bothers on becoming successful and rich.
You would recall that dished out an advice to his fans and followers across the world urging them to hustle and work hard to come out of poverty.

Kanayo O Kanayo, who is currently in Oba for Obi Cubana’s mother’s funeral to support him lay his mum to rest told his fans in a video to hustle and make money so that they would not be too poor for EFCC to arrest them.

Kanayo O Kanayo, had earlier also cautioned men saying ‘if you are in Lagos and its environs and your girlfriend tells you she’s going for the weekend somewhere else then know that she’s going to Oba in Anambra state where Obi Cubana is burying his late mother’.

Reacting to the videos, actress, Ujunwa Mandy shut Kanayo down pointing to the fact that Kanayo O. Kanayo is talking too much.

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“Prick don spoil me” – Lady destroyed by plenty d!c.ks begs for help (+Video)

A beautiful lady has confessed to ruining her life due to the addiction of having sekz with multiple partners in a video going viral on social media.

The good-looking lady whose life has been reduced to nothing is heard in the video below ranting abnormally to a guy who queried her of her current situation.

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According to the lady who mentioned her name as Esther, she was beautiful but “prick don spoil” her life.

While many were compassionate with her in the comment section, others attributed her situation to drug abuse.

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Shatta Wale To Employ A Number Of His Fans With His New Transport Company ‘Shaxi’

Dancehall act Shatta Wale is not only talking but also making efforts to make sure the economical hardship in the country is reduced.

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Shatta Wale has made an attempt to reduce the high rate of unemployment in the country, beginning from his fan base.

The introduction of his transportation company. ‘Shaxi’ is set to employ many Shatta Movement drivers, who feel cheated on or just home unemployed.

He made this revelation in a post saying “o all my drivers always complaining about being cheated on , don’t worry, I get good news for y’all. You are about to enjoy your work as drivers. SHAXI gotcha covered ❤️, it’s taking us time to get everything right. And finally we are ready 🙏🙌 #SHAXI”

post below;

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Angry Mzbel vows to release hardcore evidence about who Tracey Boakye’s baby daddy is

Mzbel has angrily vowed to release evidence about who Tracey Boakye’s baby daddy really is if she is dared by anybody.

Just some few days ago, Ayisha Modi revealed that she was told by Afia Schwar the father of Tracey Boakye’s daughter, Nhyira.

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According to Modi, Dr Kweku Oteng is the alleged father of Nana Akua Nhyira clearing Mahama off the ‘papa no’ tag.

But according to Mzbel in a Facebook post, if they dare her, she will drop hardcore evidence about who Tracey Boakye‘s ‘Papano’ is, meaning John Mahama isn’t the ‘Papano’ Tracey Boakye kept mentioning in her videos on Instagram in 2020 during her infamous beef with the music star.

Mabel cowed to do she has said after one NDC staunch member dragged her on Facebook for dragging John Mahama in her beef with Tracey Boakye prior to the 2020 parliamentary and presidential elections.

Post below;

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Toke Makinwa reacts to song that says “Don’t need a man that’ll give you money” (Video)

Media Personality Toke Makinwa has reacted and rejected a song that says Don’t need a man that will give you money.

While she shared a video of herself singing the song,. She was heard saying Off that song

The song then goes, “Don’t need a man that’ll give you money.”

“Off that song,” the media personality said when it got to that part of the song.

She added, “What does this statement mean? I reject it in Jesus’ name.”

Watch the video below;

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Content Creator Efo Banks Says He Won’t Date Any Other Lady Apart From Hajia4Real, Jackie Appiah Or Hajia Bintu

Ghanaian Qatar based content creator and comedian, Stanley Komla popularly  known as Efo Banks recently won the Content Creator of the year at the just ended Spotlight Awards. 

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Efobanks is a young vibrant Ghanaian content creator based in Qatar working as an occupational health and safety engineer.

He was born 4th July 1989 at Leklebi Duga in the Volta region of Ghana. He went to Odogonoo senior high school and later furthered his education in the UK to study occupational health and safety.

Along side his work and studies ,he also showed much interest in achieving his dreams as an entertainer.  Efo Banks have much knowledge about film making and music.

He recently wrote on his Instagram page that the only ladies he wants to date are actress Jackie Appiah, and social media influencers Hajia4Real and Hajia Bintu.

Checkout his award below;

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My two football prophecies failed to come to pass because of betting – Prophet Badu Kobi

Head pastor of Glorious Wave Church International, Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi has explained why his two football prophecies failed to come to pass.

Recall that the Ghanaian cleric suffered a backlash after his prophecy about England winning Euro 2020 failed to come to pass. He had also prophesied that Brazil would win the Copa America trophy but it failed as Brazil lost to Argentina.

Preciously, Kobi had prophesied that Donald Trump and John Mahama would win their reelection campaign, but the prophecies never came to pass.

In a new sermon in his church, Kobi asserted that his football prophecies failed to come to pass because it was used for betting. He averred that all his prophecies has come to pass because he is “God’s agent” and is not perturbed by criticisms.

Kobi also disclosed that his prophecy about Accra Hearts of Oak winning the Ghana Premier League came to pass.

He said;

“When I prophesy about football and you want it to come to pass, don’t use God’s words for betting. The prophecy will fail, God’s word is not for betting. God is laughing at some people.

Don’t fight for me, all you can do it promote me because I am his agent. If God sent me and you don’t understand, face God.”