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Unlike Easter that is preceded with mourning, Christmas is pure joy



My nose is actually very functional and I am able to perceive seasons when they come.

Rita Okpalla

Growing up, the end of the year was my favourite cos unlike Easter that is preceded with mourning, Christmas is pure joy. Plus, schools resume a few days after January 1st. And it’s exciting to see all the food and people. But when I started getting involved in the cooking, I wanted to disown my gender. We’d spend hours in the kitchen and cos of all the nibbling, I won’t eat like the glutton that I planned to.  

It’s one of the seasons that includes everyone with its own electricity of love. Lights, garlands, food, travelling, people, inner joy; that’s the sum of my Christmas.

New Year has always been projected as something like a hurdle; like we just crossed over. But for me, it means double the celebration; the opening year, and my sister’s birthday.

But other than the festivity, New Year for me feels like a good time for new beginnings, promises, plans, and hope. At the end of which I’ll be stuffed and intoxicated. All things considered now though, I don’t have to dread resumption after January 1st – yay.

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