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VIDEO: Marriage Is Not Compulsory, It Doesn’t Come With Any Blessing – Pastor Abel Damina

Around the world, marriage is considered an important part of a man or a woman’s life. It has been considered a very vital part of life in the past but in recent decades, things have changed.

People who remain single for a very long time are considered not to be serious with life but Pastor Abel Damina, the Senior Pastor & Founder of Abel Damina Ministry and Power City International who is well-known for teaching the Gospel of Christ with great revelations and bringing corrections to the body Christ seems to view marriage from another angle.

marriage not compulsory Abel Damina
VIDEO: Marriage Is Not Compulsory, It Doesn’t Come With Any Blessing – Pastor Abel Damina

The popular Man of God revealed that Marriage is not compulsory and it doesn’t even come with any blessing as a lot of people view it.

He shared all of these things in a video that was shared on Facebook by a popular Christian page. In the video, he started by urging people not to go into marriage if they aren’t ready to fully submit to it.

He said if a woman notices that she couldn’t submit to a marriage, it will be better she remains single than getting married because the Bible gives the right for anybody to live as a single person forever. Also, he said Marriage is a choice, and not getting married doesn’t mean you are not fulfilled because a lot of single people are even enjoying life than those who are married.

Further speaking, he said if you are single, don’t allow anybody to intimidate you by saying if you are not married there as some favors you can’t get or by saying some doors won’t open for you, that is not true and it is a blatant lie. He said all those who say Marriage comes with a blessing or kind of upliftment are nothing but motivational speakers.

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