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Watch As Host Touches ‘Toto’ Of Female Musician On Live TV (VIDEO)

Well, I have not seen anything like that and the last time I saw something so disapproving was when Pamela Odame showed her Nufu on live Kofi TV in this video.

With this right on top of the shock of the moment, this viral video captures the exact moment this host thought it was funny to touch the Toto of a female musician he was interviewing.

Host Touches Toto Female Musician live tv
Watch As Host Touches ‘Toto’ Of Female Musician On Live TV (VIDEO)

The host is popularly known as “Poleeno” and he does interviews with entertainment industry personalities.

In an interview with the upcoming female musician name Empress Vee, the lady spoke about some of the uniqueness she has that makes her different.

She revealed that she barely wears Pants which captured the host’s to keep pushing.

Not satisfied with the answers he kept receiving, Poleeno decided to see and feel it for himself.

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