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We are evil – OAP Dotun reveals the devil we should be praying against



OAP Dotun has revealed the devil we should be praying against saying we humans are actually the devil as some are so evil.

OAP Do2tun lamenting over how some people try their best to bring others down and get them involved in things they don’t want saying the devil we should be praying against is actually human beings because some are evil.

According to him, you try so hard to avoid all the troubles in life yet one person brings their trouble into yours without your permission and that really is annoying as some even go as far as handling or taking life as they owe it.

OAP Do2tun lamenting over the evil going on in the world asked why some people are so evil that they take the lives of others as if they own it adding that the soul they took or take might have been their helper.

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Adduction and killing have become so common in Nigeria that innocent people are killed without offending their killers and that is the evil OAP Do2tun is talking about and wondering how some people can be so evil.

screenshot below;

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