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‘We thought Tonto was mad’ – Nigerians react to Churchill’s marriage to his P.A, Rosy Meurer



Nigerians have expressed remorse towards Nollywood actress after treating her unfairly over her collapsed marriage with ex-husband, Olakunle Churchill.

This comes after Olakunle Churchill hinted on social media that he and his P.A, Rosy Meurer are married as he referred to Rosy as Mrs in a birthday message to Rosy Meurer on Instagram.

Tonto Dikeh

His post confirmed allegations by Tonto Dikeh that he was having extra marital affairs with Rosy whilst they were still married and Nigerians have bowed their head in shame for claiming she was mad when she came out to make the accusations.

Dikeh had this to say in an old interview in 2017 and in her words:

“I am aware that’s the reason he abandoned his family because he took her on a trip. No, she is not my husband’s sister. My husband is not her brother. She does not know me. Like I said I have not seen her before. I have never even spoken to my husband about her before but I do know their story. And I do know that they are in love.”

See some of their comments below;

@meeldread wrote “Some men will drain you! Act so innocent in public and drive you crazy so the world can think you’re insane. Very manipulative kai!!!”

@presy448 wrote “And everyone was calling Tonto crazy”

@cassie_collections wrote “Tonto was right afterall,,,,Female and male bestie ehhhhh avoid me this year.. truth will always prevail

@electrack_solutionproperties wrote “‘THE TRUTH’ will always come out no matter how long it takes”

@kettyg47 wrote “Tonto is a real woman, she just doesn’t av control of her emotions sometimes… But she is genuine”

@ebi_official__ wrote “May God forgive y’all that tagged Tonto crazy ! When Ure with a narcissist you come off as crazy! They will hurt u & when u react they will claim Ure the crazy one . You cannot cover the truth ! It must come to light !”

@cuteqwinn wrote “So tonto wasn’t crazy after all… she’s just a very very emotional and genuine person ..”

@_ammarachi wrote “Toton wasn’t wrong at all but Nigerians said she’s mad”

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