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“We Won’t Dance To Wendy Shay’s Music Because We Don’t Want To Go To Hell” (VIDEO)

Ghanaian singer Wendy Shay was on United Showbiz and finally revealed that she is a completely new person, a born-again Christian.

Following her repentance, some Ghanaians have taken a swipe, mostly ridiculing her as they don’t believe what she has proclaimed.

Wendy shay dance music hell
“We Won’t Dance With Wendy Shay’s Music Because We Don’t Want To Go To Hell” (VIDEO)

One of these ridiculing has caught our attention. It is of a young woman who has question Wendy Shay as to why she has converted to full Christianity.

According to this yet-to-identified woman, who does Wendy Shay wants to go to hell for listening to the songs she made prior to her full repentance?

“Who does Wendy wants to go to hell? After making songs for unbelievers, she now claims to have repented so who should listen to his unholy songs?”, the lady fused.

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