We Won’t Marry Until We Find A Man Who Will Marry Us Both- Twins Say (Video)

Nothing is going to be able to break us apart. Any man who is ready for us must take both of us. Beautiful Twins Make Their First Public Appearance

While many people believe this is a joke, Shiru and her twin sister Shiku have left men stuck after disclosing their stand and conditions for any man who want to marry either of them. The twins from Githurai 45 have brought the internet to a halt after revealing that they have been close for a long time and that they would not desire for anything to separate them. Surprisingly, not even a man could keep them apart.

During an interview with Mungai Eve, the two stunning twins revealed that they had both dreamed of being married to the same man and that they have resolved that they do not want to be separated by anyone. They also said that they have nearly identical intellects and that when one of them was sick, the other was usually sick as well.

Shiru (one of the twins) claims that anytime one of them separated from the other, they were ill. When they were separated and sent to different schools, they would get sick for the entire term, but as soon as they returned home together, they would recover better.

Shiru and Shiku are children of miracles. They claim that one day they wrote a song with similar lyrics, despite the fact that they were both away from each other at the time.

The two ladies are currently ready to start dating and marrying each other, but they are only looking for one man who would marry both of them since they do not want to be separated. Do you think this is a challenging situation for men?

Even the closest of friends and siblings are known to have everlasting disagreements about matters of love. Is it possible to fix the twins’ situation by marrying the same man?

Watch Video below:


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