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What Happened When An Army General Came With Soldiers To Destroy My Church – Apostle Johnson Suleman



What Happened When An Army General Came With Soldiers To Destroy My Church – Apostle Johnson Suleman

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In our town we have a school for soldiers, it’s a barrack where they train soldiers. So, there was a General whose wife got an encounter with God. She began to wear our ministry wristband and our T-shirt that has my logo.

So, the husband got angry and said to his wife, “Remove this T-shirt, stop it.” He was upset. One time, the man said he was going to come to Church and destroy everything. On Saturday, the wife has spoken to me about it and I told her, “He can’t do anything. Does he want to die? Don’t worry he can’t do anything” but she said “Please sir, beef up your security” I asked her “Do you know the security we have here? We’re heavenly guarded. Your husband can’t do anything. Don’t worry let him come with his battalion.” The General came on a Sunday and sat with his soldiers. While I was ministering I noticed somebody behind was laughing. He kept laughing and the people around him too.

At the end of the service, the woman ran to my office to beg me not to allow him in. The man came to my office and shook my hand and I started laughing. I said “Why are you laughing?” And he said, “You’re too funny, my soldiers have been laughing.

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You just have a way of presenting your sermon. On Sunday, I will bring my friends. I have two generals, they have to hear you talk.” I was just looking at him, I couldn’t place what the wife told me and what I was seeing. The next Sunday, he came with a group of people and they’re just laughing. They said, they didn’t know when the Service closed, they’re enjoying it. I prayed for them and prophesied on his wife that she’s going to have children.

Few months later, the wife became pregnant. This time when the man came, he didn’t laugh. He came with the wife and broke down in tears. He said, “Sir, my wife has no womb. So, there is God.” I gave him my handkerchief but he kept crying. Listen, any mortal man can be humble when power is in view.

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