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“Who Print The Shirt First”, See Errors This Couple Made That Got People Talking



“Who Print The Shirt First”, See Errors This Couple Made That Got People Talking

In Marriage, one of the key factors that keeps the soul, and body of two different people that was joined in Holy matrimony is Love. Even Christianity and Islam as a Religion, tells us to Love one another. And it preaches and advised husbands in Ghana to Love their wives too. As Ghana have couples who love each other so much (Couples Goals).

It is said that when someone is in love, he or she will go an extra mile to do the extraordinary things for them. He will do unbelievable things, which on a normal he/she cannot ordinarily do in his/her right sense, but you find him or her doing them, because the feelings of Love is there.

A couple has taken to Facebook, which is a Social Platform that was created by Mark Zuckerberg, to post their pre-wedding pictures. Unknown to them, the pictures wil cause stir and reactions to internet users. And as soon as the pictures were posted by the couples, a lot of people took the Post and condemn the writing on their shirt.

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It was gathered that the Couple whose name was not given, as this could ruin their personalities, took their personal facebook wall, and post their pre-wedding pictures, tagging it “Coming to Kaduna”. Little do they know that the person that printed the love writing, on their polo shirt made a mistake.

A correspondent whose name was given as Joseph Sunday, in statement said that, He is not sure if the couple decided to wear that cloth like that, either to create a scene and draw attention to themselves, or that they did not know that the printer made a mistake in the first place.

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Screenshot 20210407 142021

In his statement, Joseph Sunday said:

“Who even printed the Shirt First. Am not sure if this couple took to Facebook, to post this their pre-wedding pictures to create a scene, thereby drawing attention to themselves, or that they were not aware of such mistake, from the person that printed the Polo shirt in the first place”, Joseph Sunday said.

Screenshot 20210407 142037 1

Joseph Sunday reported that a lot of internet users, took to their Post to condemn the error the couple made. Adding that some said that they should have read the writing on the shirt, ever before they took the pre-wedding pictures.

What can you say to this?

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