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‘Why do ladies endure poverty of their parents but can’t endure poverty of their boyfriend’– Man wonders

A Nigerian man has taken to Twitter to ask a thought-provoking question that has since elicited divergent views all over the internet. 

The Twitter user, @henryruckus1 asked why women tolerantly endure the poverty they were born into but can’t do the same with their boyfriends.

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His comment is obviously hinged on the fact that a lot of these girls in the modern era enter into a relationship with strings attached, often choosing a suitor or partner with enough money in his pocket or bank account.

He wrote: ”Pls I have a question. Why do ladies endure poverty of their parent but can not endure poverty of their boyfriend”

Some ladies sprung up saying they had no choice with their parents because that’s the family they were born into, but with a boyfriend, there’s an alternative and they often opt for a relationship where their comfort is guaranteed.

See below;

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