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‘Why do slim guys love plus-sized women?’ – Comedienne Lepacious Bose asks

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Nigerian comedienne, Lepacious Bose is wondering why slim guys often prefer plus-sized women in a relationship. 

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Lepacious who used to be obese until she started a vigorous exercise regime to shed some flesh, said she has observed that these type of men are proud of obese women and proudly flaunt them openly especially on social media.

She made the enquiry in a fresh post she shared on Instagram, saying;

“Hmmm….. do they really? Do they also show them off? Walk boldly beside them? Show them PDA, flaunt them to friends? Proudly sit beside them at church, events, open spaces? Buy gifts for them, build houses for them etc.

Or do they just love being with them “privately “?
Am not talking of those who met them slim, married them and they got big ooo am talking of meeting the lady as BIG, CURVY OBESED, FAT and staying with her, flaunting her!

I have often wondered about this, what do you think? PS no dragging, body shaming or insults allowed in the comments section, we are just adults having a matured discussion! Shikenah!”

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