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Why I hid my American husband’s identity from the public –Gifty Powers



BBNaija’s star, Gifty Powers, has divulged the reason behind why she shows very little of her family on social media.

According to her, not every aspect of her life is meant for social media so she tries to keep the life of her American husband and child away from the public eye.

She was engaged in a recent interview with The scoop where she made her reasons known to the public.

She said; “I am married and the reason I still have not revealed his (husband’s) identity is that my personal life is extremely priceless and not for sale. My husband is an American and a month after we got married, he suggested that since I am a Nigerian, he would love for us to live in my country. But I declined, due to personal reasons.

However, I still have my house and businesses in Lagos and Abuja. The world is deep and for one to have a long-lasting relationship, one must keep it off social media.

“Also, I deliberately kept the birth of my second child a secret for two reasons. One, because I am proud of my two kids and two, I am full of surprises. Not every part of my life is meant for the media. A mother should always be able to protect her children at any cost because the world we live in is delicate. It is better to be safe than to say ‘had I known’.”

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