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Why I Turned Down Opportunity To Move To Canada — Nigerian Doctor (Photos)



A Nigerian doctor, Fatima has revealed that she turned down an opportunity to move to Canada because she wants to contribute to the growth and development of her country, Igbere TV reports.

“About a month ago, I got an opportunity to move and work in Canada. But honestly leaving this country is not an option for me. A lot of my colleagues have left but the rest of us will stay back. We’ll make our country work. We were born here, we’ll live here, we die here.” she wrote.

“I desire to stay back because I believe we will be greater here. It’s just a matter of time.” she added.

While some Nigerians commended her patriotism, others said that she can afford to take such decisions because she is from a rich home.

“Clearly you are from a rich home. “We die here” but na one soft estate you dey o with private security, good house, nice car. If you grew up in poverty or in a slum you would be tweeting from Canada.” one commented under her tweet

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