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Woman mistakenly gets pregnant for man she slept with as revenge for her husband’s infidelity



Businessman walking into bedroom and finding couple in bed

A woman’s quest for revenge against her cheating husband has backfired after she got pregnant for the man she slept with to spite the hubby.

The story as shared on Twitter reveals that the husband had cheated on his wife, but rather than leave him, she decided to repay him by also cheating. Unfortunately, she got pregnant for the man she cheated on her husband with leading to further ‘wahala’.

Here’s how the story was shared; ”A man cheated on his wife and the wife cheated back for revenge…unfortunately she got pregnant by another man. Who broke the family?”

Some readers offered varying responses to the situation as captured in the comments below;

@TosuMary0; The woman did ‘first to do no dey pain, second to do na him eyes dey red’

@KShwabade; Men never cheat & revenge is ignorant. You can’t solve problem by doing another problem.

@officialdmj_; The man broke the family Abeg. All this ‘men are entitle to cheat Cause it’s there nature’ is bullshit. Why would you cheat in the first place. He pushed the woman out.

@damieikeji; The moment he cheated, the family had broken.

@onikepe2; The woman broke the family

@mailaydot; Mr Cheating (infidelity) broke the family

@freeson_jil; Revenge should be proportionate, she broke the family.

In other news, a Nigerian lady, Diamond Ivory has revealed how she ‘carelessly’ gave out money to her boyfriend which she was supposed to deposit at the bank in anticipation of her forthcoming wedding.

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The young woman emphasized that the money, N300,000 was meant for drinks at her impending wedding which she decided to deposit at the bank. However, her former boyfriend somehow managed to convince her to give him the money promising to pay later.

In a bizarre twist, the guy refused to pay her back and asked her to sleep with him for the last time if she really wants the money. Here’s how Destiny shared the story on Facebook;

“My husband sent me money to deposit for drinks prior to our upcoming wedding next Saturday. My ex called me to lend him money that he will pay back the next day.

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