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“Yellow Bones Also Deserve Love, But Nobody Asks Me On A Date. I Wonder Why”



“Yellow Bones Also Deserve Love, But Nobody Asks Me On A Date. I Wonder Why”

As individuals in this time and age, more especially the youth we are often clouded with the fact that we need relationships in order to stay alive and quora says that people do this because they havent found themselves.

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That is not entirely the case, as people we need money and good health in order to lead a healthier and happier life.

I believe so in my own opinion, relationships are a drag and waste of time because the time you focus more on relationships you lose focus on the most important things that you have to do in your life and according to this website, relationships are a distraction and there are more important things to focus on.

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Some of them dont see this though because they would oftenly go onto social media and share all these views and opinions that they have about life and relationships.

This is the example of a young girl who tweeted and decided to worry and stress about the fact that she is a yellow bone and she thinks they also deserve love but nobody asks her out.

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This most certainly had her worried too because she said she wonders why this happens.

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She said this like is was just some ordinary tweet that people post, or she wanted to trend by this and become a celebrity all around the world.

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We may never know at all, but she is worried about the fact that nobody asks her out on a date because maybe she hasnt been on a date for a long time and she now wants to feel that kind of happiness again.

What would you say about this?.

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