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‘You Need Your Brain Examined’ – Actor Femi Branch Blasts Yemi Solade Over His Comment On Twitter Ban

Nollywood actor Femi Branch as a few words for his colleague Yemi Solade over his comment on the ban of microblogging platform Twitter. The actor during an interview with Goldmyne TV had applauded the federal government for banning the platform after it deleted the tweet of President Buhari a few days ago.

Femi Branch Blasts Yemi Solade Over His Comment On Twitter Ban

Yemi Solade during the interview noted that Nigeria has many problems and Twitter is not helping, added the platform is being used to attack the government and cause anarchy. Femi a fellow veteran colleague has now addressed Yemi’s statement in an Instagram video and he dragged him through the mud.
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Femi in the video shared on his Instagram page said there is nothing good about the Twitter ban, and it’s only those supporting and working for the government that will see nothing wrong in the government’s action.  He shared that Twitter has helped to save a life when things are happening in some extreme party of the country, passing information that can save lives, helps in creating awareness, etc. so it is only someone who is not progressive that will say the ban is a good thing.

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