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You Paid My School Fees But I Want Someone On My Level: Beautiful Lawyer Rejects Truck Driver



You Paid My School Fees But I Want Someone On My Level: Beautiful Lawyer Rejects Truck Driver

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The stories of investing in a relationship has always been on the table for discussion. There have been several instances where partners out of love invest in the education or business of their future husbands or wives but later change their minds.

The issue mostly get out of hand if one partner attains higher education than the other and later decides to separate with the excuse that they are not on the same level.

A young lady who prefers to remain anonymous is seeking for advice from a similar circumstances. According to her narration which was posted in one of the Facebook pages, she was only 14 years old when both parents died.

According to her she met a young man at the age of seventeen. She further narrates that the young man was just a fruit seller on the streets but was able to pay all her school fees.

The man later secured a job as a truck driver and was able to now pay for her university education. The hope was that the two were building a future together.

The lady has now graduated and practicing as a lawyer but she is now in a fix. The young man is still a truck driver but the lady is a lawyer.

According to her narration, the man is not her class anymore and want someone who is in the same level with her.

She has expressed her appreciation for all the assistance offered to her but cannot marry a truck driver.

“I’m grateful he sent me to school and paid all my school fees but I cannot be in a relationship with him again. I’m looking for someone in the same class with me and not a truck driver. I know that no one should marry for sympathy or to return a favor. Marriage should be about love. I was young when I met him but now I can make my own decisions. Please help me to decide”. She added.

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The position of her truck driver boyfriend is currently unknown but it is now clear that she cannot continue the relationship. Her reason is based on class.

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